YouTube TV To Add More Channels and Increase Price


For cord cutters, there are many different competing options currently available. Sling TV starts at $20 and DirecTV Now and YouTube TV were on par at around $35 per month, but YouTube has recently increased the price of its offering for new customers.

Why Is YouTube TV Increasing The Price?

While a price hike might seem a bit backward for companies striving to break into the crowded streaming TV space, there is method behind this madness. You see, YouTube TV is expanding its channel lineup to include several Turner networks – these include:

  • TBS
  • TNT
  • CNN
  • Cartoon Network
  • Adult Swim
  • Turner Classic Movies
  • NBA TV
  • MLB Network

The new price of $40 per month puts YouTube TV on par with Hulu, however the unlimited cloud DVR and the ability to have six individual profiles as well as the increased focus on sporting events helps it standout. Heather Moosnick, Director of Content Partnerships for YouTube TV stated “Sports is really one of the key offerings that a millennial would be willing to pay for a live TV service,” and YouTube TV has definitely taken this message to heart with 96% of its advertising spend happening during sporting events over the past 12 months.

Continued Growth

YouTube TV started with 50 channels in 5 markets, but the acquisitions and growth since launch have seen the service grow to encompass 100 markets around the country with an offering of 60 channels. The new price takes effect on the 13th of March (current members or anyone signing before the 13th will be grandfathered). With over 85% of the US now covered, YouTube TV has reportedly signed over 300,000 subscribers in a little less than a year. They are still smaller than Hulu and DirecTV Now but the increase in available markets is sure to address this gap.


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