Winter Olympics 2018 — The Biggest Moments of Week One


They’re already more than a week old. The Olympic Games will leave just as fast as they came. But for now, we can savor some of the top moments from a thrilling week in Pyeongchang.

These stories, of course, have an American slant. But you could fill 10 articles with all the incredible moments from the Games. This is simply a snapshot.

Red Gerard Wins America’s First Gold


Can you imagine being 17 years old and winning Olympic gold? It’s actually happened several times at the Games, but Gerard kicked things off by winning the first gold of the Games for the U.S. He leapfrogged everyone in the snowboard slopestyle competition, going from last to first with one incredible final run. Oh, and the kid who can’t even vote yet is already cooler than most of us will ever be.


Two More Young Guns Impress For The U.S.


The teenagers weren’t done. 17-year-old American Chloe Kim quickly followed up Gerard by clinching gold in the women’s snowboard halfpipe. And Kim was so good she had already secured victory before her final run. But she landed back-to-back 1080s anyway.
American Nathan Chen missed the podium in the men’s free skate competition. But he still made Olympic history by landing a record six quad jumps in a routine that shattered his previous best score by 11 points.

Norway’s Simen Hegstad Krueger Makes an Incredible Comeback


You probably weren’t watching the men’s skiathlon event near the start of the Games. But surprisingly, it provided one of the most epic moments of the week. Watch as Krueger overcomes extraordinary odds after facing adversity in the opening minute of the race to win a well-deserved gold medal.

Chris Mazdzer Wins First Men’s Singles Luge Medal For U.S.


Luge isn’t the first event most watch in the Olympic Games, when presented with the breathtaking feats of the snowboard halfpipe or figure skating rink. But it’s one of the most dangerous and difficult sports in the Games, with competitors whizzing nearly 90 miles per hour unprotected down an icy track. That’s what American Chris Mazdzer did, and he did it better than any other American man ever to clinch the silver medal in men’s luge.

Shaun White Wins Halfpipe In Dramatic Fashion


Who else would finish off our list? “The Flying Tomato” stamped his name into Olympic history in thrilling style, needing a 95.25 score on his final run in the men’s halfpipe to top Ayumu Hirano of Japan and win his third Olympic gold medal.
He got a 97.75.
White did it in part by landing back-to-back 1440s, a maneuver he’d never pulled in practice. Because of course he did.

What have been some of your favorite moments from the Games?

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