What is PLEX.tv? An Overview


Slowly replacing Netflix and Hulu, PLEX is making quite an impact among users all over the world. Letting you stream your media content anywhere and on any device, PLEX is a media management program that presents your media collection in an easily navigable package. Plex allows you to watch as well as record your free HDTV digital broadcast channels – including news, sports and media content such as movies, TV shows, music and photos.

Plex is metadata-friendly unlike other media management tools. Additionally, this software supports automatic transcoding and thus can play any file format on any device.

Installing PLEX

The process of installing the Plex software is relatively easy. You can get the server and client software from the PLEX download page and the following steps will guide through the process.

  • On your computer in which all your media is to be stored and managed, install and run the ‘Plex Media Server’.
  • On your device, install the Plex app be it a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, streaming device, PC or game console.
  • The installed app can be simply connected to the server and will then give you access to all of the media on the server.

File types supported by PLEX

Plex supports almost all media file types. For movies and videos, Plex supports file types including MP4, MKV, AVI, DIVX, MOV and much more. Music content support includes, MP3, FLAC, M4A, WMA and such file types. For photos, Plex supports file types such as JPEG, RAW, TBN, PNG and such.

PLEX Media Server compatibility

It is compatible with Windows, Linux, NVIDIA SHIELD, OS X and Netgear Nighthawk X10 router. NAS devices such as Drobo, Netgear and Synology support Plex Media server. The only requirement is that whatever system or server you install the software on, it needs to be on all the time so that the apps can access it.

PLEX app compatibility

Plex app works on almost all devices and brands:

  • Mobile Apps: Android, Windows and iOS
  • Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari
  • Tablets: Android, Windows, iOS
  • Smart TV: Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, LG, VIZIO, Roku TV
  • Streaming devices: Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Sonos, TiVO
  • Gaming consoles: Xbox 1, PlayStation three and four, Xbox 360

PLEX features

The great features that add to the user experience are:

  • Supports any Format
  • Available Anywhere
  • Plex News
  • Library Organization
  • Share libraries
  • Privacy and Security
  • No Storage limit
  • Remote controls
  • Online Channels
  • Flinging
  • Media Optimizer
  • Watch later
  • Live TV
  • Photo albums
  • Plex Cloud
  • Plex DVR
  • Mobile sync
  • Lyrics
  • Multiple Users
  • Parental controls
  • Trailers and extras
  • Camera upload
  • Early access and free apps

Now, watch your media library from anywhere, anytime with Plex.tv!