How To Watch Westworld Online


With one of the more interesting premises for a show on network television, it’s no surprise that Westworld (R) has gained such a massive following. Fans of AI, robots/androids, and the future of technology have praised the show for its character development and storytelling – and for good reason.

The show takes place in a large, open Wild West-themed theme park of sorts, where the attractions are the nearly-human android “hosts” themselves. With an extremely high-priced entry fee, guests are able to enter the park and do whatever they wish. They can kill the hosts, steal from them, rob banks, or perform just about any other activity one can imagine without fear of legal or physical repercussions.

Within the park, there are a number of “quests” and events occurring, which guests can choose to ignore or take part in. The entire state of Westworld is reset every day, with each host’s memory being wiped before the next loop.

If that isn’t a fantastic premise for a sci-fi thriller, I don’t know what is.

The show is based on the original Westworld film, which debuted back in 1973 (R). The film received excellent ratings at the time.

But that’s enough background. Today, I’ll be giving you the best places to actually watch the show online.

On Demand and Live TV Streaming Services

Below, I’ll cover the best places to watch Westworld both on-demand, and live when new and old episodes air on TV.

  • Hulu: Hulu does not offer Westworld content at this time.
  • Netflix: Netflix does not offer Westworld episodes right now.
  • Amazon Prime Instant Video: Amazon Prime Instant Video does not have Westworld in its line-up currently, but you can sign up for HBO Now through Amazon Prime and watch it there.
  • Sling TV: HBO is considered a “premium” channel, so it isn’t included in any of Sling TV’s basic TV subscription packages. Instead, you’ll have to purchase one of them as a baseline (the cheapest of which is “Sling Blue” at $25/month) and add HBO for $15 extra. For an additional $5, you can also take advantage of Sling TV’s Cloud DVR technology.
  • PlayStation Vue: In partnership with HBO, PS Vue offers HBO stand-alone or as an add-on to any regular TV streaming package for $15/month. You’ll get access to new and existing episodes of all HBO shows that HBO Now currently offers.
  • DirecTV Now: DirecTV Now offers HBO in the form of a $5 add-on, but you must purchase one of their TV streaming packages to take advantage of it – the cheapest of which is $35/month, which gives you access to 60 other channels.
  • HBO Now: HBO Now includes Westworld in its show line-up, for you to view on-demand – from wherever you’d like. An HBO Now subscription is $15/month, and it’ll give you access to new and existing HBO episodes.


A La Carte Streaming Services

Not everybody wants to deal with the monthly fees associated with on-demand or live TV streaming services like Sling, Netflix, Hulu, or others in that category. If you’re one of those people, you’d probably rather buy your favorite episodes at will, to keep forever – to that end, here are the best A la Carte Westworld viewing options, along with pricing.

Amazon Video

  • Price Per Episode: $3.99 (HD), $2.99 (SD)
  • No full seasons available for purchase

Google Play Store

Note: The Google Play Store doesn’t make it clear whether their episodes are in HD or SD, but based on the pricing, it can be assumed that they are SD unless stated otherwise.

  • Price Per Episode: $2.99
  • Season 1: $28.99

Fandango Now

  • Price Per Episode: $3.99 (HD), $2.99 (SD)
  • Season 1: $35.99 (HD), $27.99 (SD)


  • Price Per Episode: $4.99 (HDX), $2.99 (SD)
  • Season 1: $38.99 (HDX), $28.99 (SD)

PlayStation Store

  • Price Per Episode: $3.99 (HD), $2.99 (SD)
  • Season 1: $38.99 (HD), $28.99 (SD)

Microsoft Store

  • Price Per Episode: $3.99 (HD), $2.99 (SD)
  • Season 1: $38.99 (HD), $28.99 (SD)


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