How To Watch Urdu TV Online


As it concerns cord-cutting, there are not as many options available to our Indian friends. When it comes to streaming services that cater to those that speak the Urdu language native to many Indian countries, the choices are unfortunately limited.

Thankfully, one streaming service is well aware of these limitations and that service in Sling. Through the many packages available for Sling Urdu, Indian nationals from around the world that speak the Urdu language now have an option to cut the cord.

Stream Urdu TV On Sling

How to Sign-Up: For users that are new to the Sling Urdu steaming service, you will be able to get a 7-day free trial. To get this free trial and start your subscription, go to Sling’s website and click on the blue “Watch Now 7 Days Free” button in the center of the screen.

From here, enter your email and a password of your choice, enter payment information and choose your subscription plan options based on your preferences. That is all there is to it to begin enjoying any of the 40+ channels available through Sling Urdu.

Urdu Packages and Pricing

Price/Packages: Depending on the number of channels you want and how much you are willing to pay, there are several options available to you, as follows.

  • For $30 a month you can get the Sling “Urdu Super” package. This includes 40 channels (not including extras) and 19 free, bonus channels in both the Urdu and English language
  • For the same $30 price, you can choose the “Urdu Hindi” package. This package includes a lot of the some of the same channels in the previous package as well as entertainment options exclusive to those of the Urdu or Hindi languages.
  • Price Range: $30 (not including extras)

Sling Urdu Television Add-On Packages

  • For $5 extra a month, users of Sling Urdu can add the “English News Extra” option to their monthly plan. This includes news channels that stream in the English language including Times Now and News 18
  • If you are fluent in Hindi and Urdu, you can partake in the “Hindi News Extra” option, which adds live streaming news in the Hindi language for an extra $5.
  • For those that wish to add the Islamic religious channel QTV to their streaming options, you can do so for $5 dollars more a month
  • The “Bollywood Movie Extra” option can be added to your service for an additional $15 a month and adds several on-demand movie channels including Sony Max, B4U Movies, and many others.

How To Live Stream Urdu TV Online

Devices: You can easily view the streaming content of Sling’s Urdu-language service via multiple connected devices. This includes devices such as Amazon Fire, Roku, Xbox One, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Tablets, Chromecast, Apple TV, LG Devices, and many others.

As an added bonus, those users that sign-up and pre-pay for two months of Sling Urdu are able to receive a free Roku stick, giving you a way to view the Sling service simply for signing up!

What Urdu Channels Are Included?

Here are just some of the channels available through Sling Urdu:

  • For general viewing, there are channels such as Hum World, ARY Digital, Geo, PTV Global, and many others that provide streaming programming in the Urdu language.
  • Sports fans will be able to get access to both Willow and Willow Xtra, Motors TV HD, Outside TV, Bein Sports and its sister channel, and other channels that stream live sports.
  • The “Urdu Hindi” Package gives cord-cutters channels such as Hum Sitaray World for the Urdu language, Food Food International for Hindi food-lovers, and other unique, language-based entertainment.
  • Extras include channels for Bollywood film lovers such as B4U Movies, ZETC Bollywood, and Z Classic, as well as extra channels catered to world news and religion.

Sling Urdu TV Features

  • Watch television in your preferred language at anytime, anywhere
  • Watch programming on multiple supported devices at the same time
  • Get all the channels you love from your home country and abroad
  • On-demand programs and films in multiple languages
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface makes finding what you are looking for a cinch
  • Option to view recent television up to 8 days from its air date (International Customers only)
  • No contracts or Social Security number required
  • Customer support available 24/7

For a nation as large as India, there are very few television options available for cable users who want to cut the cord. This makes Sling’s Urdu-language streaming service all the more valuable, as it gives speakers of not only Urdu but the Hindi language as well, a viable online service to leave cable tv in the dust.

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