How to Watch Storage Wars Without Cable


Back in the early 2010’s, there was a craze sweeping the nation: auctions at self-storage facilities were seeing a record number of people turn out. More so than ever before, people were showing up at these auctions that have never been to one before, all in the hopes of scoring some sort of hidden treasure from one of the storage units up for bids.

This craze was due in large part to the popularity of the A&E hit show, Storage Wars. This show put on display the rare and valuable goods that one can sometimes find buried within abandoned storage units, and the excitement of seeing what could be unearthed is something that kept viewers coming back for more.


While the popularity of the show and storage auctions have since waned a bit, Storage Wars is still a show that is massively fun to watch. If you are curious as to what kind of entertainment this show can provide, then these are the ways in which you can catch Storage Wars streaming online!

What is Storage Wars?


Storage Wars is a show that airs regularly on A&E which features groups of buyers placing bids on abandoned storage units in an attempt to outbid the competition and buy the unit’s contents. The real excitement of the show comes from the kinds of treasures that the bidders will uncover within their unit, with some of the contents being priceless artifacts, rare collectibles, or sometimes just absolute junk.

The show also has a regular cast of buyers that keep viewers coming back in their own right. This includes husband and wife business partners Dan and Laura Dotson, the wise Barry Weiss, and the always vocal Dave Hester.

Storage Wars airs on A&E frequently in re-runs, with new episodes airing Wednesday nights at 930 PM EST.

How to Watch Storage Wars


A&E Website

If you have an existing cable subscription but can’t be home to catch new episodes of Storage Wars, then one of your best bets would be the A&E website, ( This website is free to use if you have a cable subscription, and features many episodes of Storage Wars for streaming, including the latest episodes shortly after they air on television!

DirecTV Now

If you are looking for a more traditional streaming service as opposed to a website, then DirecTV Now is your first stop. Much like cable, DirecTV Now has several different channel packages to choose from in which you can stream live television. These packages include networks such as Fox, Nickelodeon, and, of course, A&E, meaning you can watch the bidding of Storage Wars live as it airs on television!

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Sling TV

While Sling TV is very similar to Directv Now, in that it gives you live streaming access to shows such as Storage Wars as they air on TV, there are a few major differences between the two services. Of these, the biggest is that some of the subscription packages also include the ability to DVR shows. This will allow you to record and watch Storage Wars on your own time so that you will never miss a moment of your favorite show!

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fuboTV is much like other live TV streaming services with one catch: the majority of the programming options available are catered to sports fans. With that said, A&E is available as one of the channels you can add to your subscription. So if you ever wanted to catch an episode of Storage Wars in between heated NHL games, this is likely the way to go.

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Finally we have Hulu, an on-demand streaming app that really needs no introduction. Hulu gives viewers the option to watch many television shows from the past and present with a massive library of programming which also includes Storage Wars. While the newest episodes are not yet available, you can easily re-watch or catch up on Storage Wars with Hulu, with many past seasons being available in their entirety.


Storage Wars is likely one of the most unique shows that there is currently on television, showing a world that many people didn’t know existed before and the riches that are there for the taking, hiding behind the doors of a storage unit. Who knows, maybe after watching Storage Wars online, you may even find yourself at the next local storage auction!

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