How to Watch Rick and Morty Online Without Cable


Rick and Morty is one of the most popular, well-known animated comedy shows out there, and it’s no wonder why – chronicling the misadventures of (You guessed it) Rick and Morty, you’ll see the pair travel through dimensions and to entirely different worlds, getting into (hilarious) trouble along the way.

As good (And well-rated) as the show might be, none of that matters if you can’t figure out where to start watching it! For cord-cutters, that can be a bit tough – after all, it isn’t as simple as tuning in to Adult Swim. With a show this popular, there’s naturally plenty of places to do just that. And, fortunately for you, they’re all completely, 100% legal. No shady sites demanding your bank account info!

The unfortunate bit is that none of them (With one exception, which I’ll get to in a moment) are free. However, they are quite cheap – significantly more so than a cable subscription, at the very least.

If you’re completely new to the show, your best bet is to skip over to the Adult Swim website and watch the first 4 episodes for free. Yep, free – AS offers them at no cost, which is both a clever marketing tactic (To get you hooked into watching the rest), and a pretty nice boon for the end user (You!).

If you’d rather just get everything all at once, though, there’s plenty of great options out there.

For starters, you can visit Hulu and stream the first two seasons with a paid subscription (Or a free trial). After your free trial is up, Hulu will auto-bill you at either $7.99/month (For their “Ad-Lite” or “Limited Commercials” subscription) or $11.99/month for their “No Commercials” subscription. Naturally, you can choose which subscription you want as soon as you set up your free trial.


On Demand  & Network Services

 In addition to Hulu, and getting a few free episodes on the Adult Swim website, there’s plenty of on-demand services where you can also get your Rick and Morty fix.

  • Adult Swim Website: In addition to the few free episodes they offer, the official Adult Swim site will allow you to stream a few additional episodes (Not full seasons, though) on demand with a cable provider login (AT&T U-verse, DirecTV, Dish, etc.).
  • Netflix: Rick and Morty is – unfortunately – not available on demand in Netflix. However, you can get it on Netflix DVD.
  • Hulu: As briefly mentioned above, Hulu also offers Rick and Morty content on-demand, and they charge a monthly subscription for access to the entirety of the website’s content. These packages are $7.99 for a “Limited Commercial” plan, and $11.99 for a “Commercial Free” plan. Currently, Hulu only offers the first two seasons.
  • Amazon Prime Instant Video: Amazon Prime Instant video does not offer any Rick and Morty content at the moment.
  • Sling TV: Sling TV’s “Sling Blue” ($25/month) and “Sling Orange” ($20/month) both offer the Adult Swim channel, but no on demand content for Rick and Morty – you’ll have to wait for it to air normally. Sling TV does offer Cloud DVR functionality, as well.
  • PlayStation Vue: Every PlayStation Vue package includes Adult Swim (And, by extension, Rick and Morty) by default, so you’d only need the cheapest subscription (“Access Slim” – $30/month) to catch Rick and Morty when it airs (No on demand options as of yet, though you can get access to a few days of recordings for new episodes). PS Vue also offers Cloud DVR options.
  • DirecTV Now: DirecTV Now is definitely the most expensive option out of the 3 major online TV streaming services, with the basic package costing $35/month. This package will give you access to Adult Swim, and a few days of VODs for new episodes of shows (Including Rick and Morty), but sadly the service does not offer any sort of DVR functionality – yet.

A la Carte Services

 If you’d rather just grab your episodes at will – without worrying about monthly subscriptions or waiting for a show to air – there’s a few A la Carte options for you as well. Here they are!

Note: Fandango Now does not currently offer Rick and Morty A la Carte.

Amazon Instant Video

  • Price Per Episode: $2.99 (HD), $1.99 (SD)
  • Season 1: $19.99 (HD), $14.99 (SD)
  • Season 2: $19.99 (HD), $14.99 (SD)


  • Price Per Episode: $2.99 (HD), $1.99 (SD)
  • Season 1: $19.99 (HD), $14.99 (SD)
  • Season 2: $19.99 (HD), $14.99 (SD)

Google Play Store  

  • Price Per Episode: $1.99
  • Season 1: $16.99
  • Season 2: $14.99


  • Price Per Episode: $2.99 (HD), $1.99 (SD)
  • Season 1: $19.99 (HD), $14.99 (SD)
  • Season 2: $19.99 (HD), $14.99 (SD)

PlayStation Store

  • Price Per Episode: $2.99 (HD), $1.99 (SD)
  • Season 1: $19.99 (HD), $14.99 (SD)
  • Season 2: $19.99 (HD), $14.99 (SD)

Microsoft Store

  • Price Per Episode: $2.99 (HD), $1.99 (SD)
  • Season 1: $19.99 (HD), $14.99 (SD)

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