How To Watch Fuller House Online


If you’re a child of the 80’s like I am you probably remember the original Full House which aired from 1987-1995 quite fondly. A family sitcom about a Dad & his friends and how they raised a house full of children – what could be more wholesome and friendly than that?

You might not remember the inappropriate jokes and attitudes that were prevalent in sitcoms at that time. It was a fairly savage parody of a modern family show, however, it was funny and there was lots of humor and caring. The ensemble members learned life lessons as the episodes and seasons progressed and every episode had a happy ending.

The Return of the Tanners


Fast forward several decades and surprisingly its back! This time with the kids all grown up and getting into problems themselves. Only instead of having to watch it week by week, we can binge watch a season at a time on Netflix!

Fuller House is one of Netflix’s newer serials and has received generally quite positive reviews. It is popular overall and while Netflix continues to produce exceptional content – The Crown, Daredevil, and House of Cards among the roll call – Fuller House appeals to a completely different demographic.


With an initial run of 13 episodes in early 2016 and a second season later the same year it seemed that Fuller House had a new home. Season Three cemented the positive vibe of season two with a longer run of 18 episodes split into two chapters in the latter half of 2017. I think its fair to say that the Tanner’s are back in all of their glory!

What is it all about?


Unlike the original Full House, this time the story primarily revolves around DJ Tanner. DJ is a veterinarian and a recently widowed mother of three boys. While Full House initially had a home full of dad’s trying to raise three girls, this time the show switches things around to have the girls raise the kids. DJ, Stephaine and her best bud Kimmy with their teenage daughter live together at DJ’s childhood home in San Francisco.


This show was created and directed by Jeff Franklin. He has made it a point to make the second part of it and had left references from the first part that would make sense when we watch the second part.

Fuller House maintains the same themes and family values that we loved in its earlier iteration and while the jokes might be toned down from the original it is still a very enjoyable experience.


One specialty of this show is that it is so relate-able to all of us, irrespective of our culture, diversity, race and the place or country we live in. And in today’s fast-moving with people being more active on social media than real life, this show has its own impact and never fails to be the perfect entertainer.

How To Watch Fuller House on Netflix

As mentioned earlier, Fuller House is a Netflix original series. Netflix is compatible with tons of devices. More than likely, if you have a device with a screen, you can stream Netflix on it. You can stream on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire, Roku, Smart TVs, etc.

Download Individual Episodes or Seasons of Fuller House

If you want to own episodes of Fuller House and you don’t mind the extra cost, A la Carte services can be a great way to get the latest episodes that aren’t available on other cable alternatives.

Google Play Store

  • Price Per Episode: HD $1.99
  • Season 1: HD $19.99
  • Season 2: HD $19.99


  • Price Per Episode: HD $2.99
  • Season 1: HD $19.99 
  • Season 2: HD $19.99 

Fandango Now

  • Price Per Episode: HD $1.99
  • Season 1: $17.99
  • Season 2: $17.99


  • Price Per Episode: SD $1.99 – HDX $2.99
  • Season 1: HD $19.99
  • Season 2: HD $19.99


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