How to Watch The Curse of Oak Island Online Without Cable


The History Channel has been one of cable TV’s most interesting channels. It brings viewers a line-up of shows ranging from the historical to the sometimes absurd and unusual. Of all the hit series that air on the channel, one has really caught the attention of History Channel fans in recent years: The Curse of Oak Island.

Now in its fifth season, The Curse of Oak Island gives fans of the show the mystery and intrigue that they crave every week. This show’s popularity has actually caused many potential cord cutters to question if they want to keep their cable TV subscriptions, just so they can’t miss a moment of the action.

If you have ever been curious about The Curse of Oak Island, you don’t necessarily have to have cable television to watch it. The following is a list of ways that you can watch The Curse Of Oak Island online without cable.

What is “The Curse of Oak Island”


The Curse of Oak Island is a program that follows the adventures of brothers Rick and Marty Lagina as they search for artifacts, treasures, and solve the mysteries of Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. This island is known among the locals as having many urban legends and a sordid history, and the brothers plan to uncover it all for the viewing pleasure of the audience at home.

As mentioned above, the show is now in it’s fifth season, which began in November of 2017, meaning there is a lot to catch up on if you are behind. The show airs on Tuesdays on the History Channel.

How to Watch “The Curse of Oak Island”


Sling TV

Sling TV has become one of the most popular alternatives to cable television for cord cutters, as it allows you to choose channel packages and watch live TV at a fraction of the normal cable cost. One of the channels available in the many packages available is that of the History Channel, which makes it possible to view The Curse of Oak Island without cable.

Sling TV offers a 7-Day Free Trial. Follow all the on-screen instructions and in no time you will be able to enjoy The Curse of Oak Island as it airs!


DirecTV Now

Whether or not you have cable television through DirecTV, you will be able to sign-up and use the DirecTV Now streaming app to view The Curse of Oak Island. While the service comes at no additional cost if you already have DirecTV, the service is actually fairly affordable and allows you to choose your own channel packages much like you would if you had satellite.

If you have a:

Then you have a way to use DirecTV now. All you need is your favorite streaming device and a comfy seat and you are ready to go!


While fuboTV is not quite as popular yet as the previous two streaming methods, the service still allows you to view live History Channel programming in a similar fashion and for a reasonable price. On top of this, fuboTV has several different language options (many of which include History Channel) which allows you to view The Curse of Oak Island in your preferred language. fubo Premier includes over 70 channels at $39.99/month. The first two months are at a discounted rate of $19.99 .

The biggest downside to fuboTV is that it is not yet available on all devices. Particularly gaming consoles.

if you are interested in seeing what fuboTV has to offer you can give the service a whirl for free for 7 days. Just go to the website and click the “free trial” button.

Hulu Live

History Channel is included with a subscription to Hulu Live. The total package is over 50 channels for $39.99 per month. Additionally you get access to the full Hulu streaming catalog and the ability to store up to 50 hours of content on a cloud DVR. If you want to try it out before you buy, they offer a 7-day free trial.


If you forget to record The Curse Of Oak Island or you run out DVR storage, don’t worry.  While you can’t view any of the more recent episodes of The Curse of Oak Island via Hulu, the service does have the first three seasons on demand.


The world is filled with many mysteries and wonders, which is why The Curse of Oak Island is such an intriguing program. Marty and Rick Lagina are literally doing what many people can only dream about. Uncovering the secrets of their homeland and entertaining the viewing audience while they are at it.

Cord cutters! Get in on the action! The Curse of Oak Island is not limited to those with a cable subscription.

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