TLC is Bringing Back Trading Spaces!


Last aired in 2008, Trading Spaces was one of the most popular shows on TLC due to its unique premise and the drastic home transformations that took place during the show. This is why it came as a shock to many when TLC decided to cancel the show after 8 years on the air.

Ten years later and TLC finally answers the call of the fans with a reboot of the original Trading Spaces. While most of what fans loved about the show will return in the reboot, there are going to be a few things that have changed when the show returns to the airwaves this year.

First Off, What is Trading Spaces?

If you are new to the genre of home improvement television or just need a refresher, then don’t worry as we got you covered!

Trading Spaces was a show that saw two groups of neighbors renovate a room in each others home, or “trade spaces”. Given a budget of up to $2000 dollars, each team had up 2 to 3 days to renovate the room as they so chose.


Each team of neighbors consisted of two individuals who could do as they please to the room that they were decorating, but got zero say as to what happened within their own home, only getting to see what the other team did to their house on the final day. This lead to many interesting reveals that left some people happy and others…well… not so much.

The show was hosted by Paige Davis for the majority of its run and was also the television debut of Ty Pennington, who went on to become a bit of an icon in home improvement television. The original show aired its last episode on December 13, 2008.

What Can We Expect From the Reboot?

Not much will be changing in terms of format for the upcoming Trading Spaces reboot. The show will still feature two teams of two redesigning a room in each others house, and they will still have the same time and budget restrictions as in the original series ($2000 and 3 days). This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to many, as this is the same format that made the show popular to begin with.


The biggest changes to come in the series reboot is with the cast of the show itself. There will be many new and familiar faces joining the team of carpenters and designers for Trading Spaces. This includes the host of HGTV show Curb Appeal, John Gidding, former MMA fighter Brett Tutor, Kahi Lee of Design on a Dime fame, and many others.

Not everyone is going to be new to the Trading Spaces reboot, however, as there are a few series originals returning as well. This includes Paige Davis returning for hosting duties, Carter Oosterhouse coming back as one of the carpenters, and even Ty Pennington is returning to the fray.


The new Trading Spaces will be coming to you this spring as the series premiere airs April 7, 2018, with a reunion special from the original series to air right before the premiere.


This is everything that we know right now about the Trading Spaces reboot. If you are like us, then you can’t wait for spring to see all the surprises and unique fun that this reboot is sure to offer up!

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