This Week In Cord Cutting 2-16-2018


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Winter Olympics


The 2018 Winter Olympics are half way through. CutTheCord has a full Winter Olympic Guide with all of the facts you need to know about the 2018 Winter Games. This includes how to watch your favorite events without cable. Furthermore, we’ve created guides outlining each individual sport. These guides include:

  • an explanation of how the sport works
  • a brief history of the sport
  • a breakdown of individual events associated with the sport
  • schedules of when the event will take place
  • ways to stream the Olympics without cable

Here’s how to find out more about your favorite Winter Sports.

Hulu With Live TV Now Supports 60fps

This week Hulu With Live TV has made a major improvement to their streaming platform. Users can now stream live TV at 60 frames per second. A higher frame rate means users can watch sports and action without a jerky, jagged picture.

The current phase of the upgrade covers iOS, Amazon Firestick and FireTV and the Xbox. Android and Roku currently do not support the change in frame rate. Hopefully this will change soon.

Get the full details HERE.

How to Watch Star Wars: Rebels Online


If your kid (or you) love Star Wars, there’s plenty of content out there for you besides the movies. There are novels, comic books, and animated TV shows. One of the TV shows is called Star Wars: Rebels. It details the events that took place in the Star Wars Universe after Revenge of The Sith and Star Wars: A New Hope.

If you’re a fan of the show and you want to learn how to watch without subscribing to cable, HERE’S A GUIDE.

Cord Cutting 101: Does Cord Cutting Actually Save Money?

People decide to cut the cord for many reasons but the main reason is to save money. Keeping this in mind it’s important to ask, does cord cutting actually save money? We give a detailed answer to the question in the continuation of Cord Cutting 101.

Here’s the full explanation.

The Top 5 Classic Romantic Movies To Stream on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was this week. In case you couldn’t decide how to spend the evening, CutTheCord published a list of the Top 5 Classic Movies to Stream on Valentine’s Day. We hope you had a great Valentine’s Day.

In case you are curious, HERE is the list.

Sling TV Now Available in Puerto Rico

Good news for cord cutters in Puerto Rico. Sling TV is now available. You can stream live TV online.

HERE are all of the details.

Hulu With Live TV Made It Easier For Subscribers To Watch The Olympics

You can customize your Hulu With Live TV selection and pick your favorite Olympic events. The software will then build a list of events for you with your favorites front and center.

In addition to the added simplicity and favorite functions, Hulu will also offer additional replays, highlights and athlete profiles.

Find out more HERE.


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