Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl (How To Watch)


When: February 4th at 12:00 p.m. , 3:00 p.m. EST

Channel: Hallmark Channel

Available Streams: DirecTV Now | Sling TV | fuboTV | PlayStation Vue 

Now even if you’re not a fan of events on the gridiron, I think you can get behind these tiny & furry athletes! Sunday, Feb 4th will see the fifth iteration of the Kitten Bowl and it’s an event that everyone can get behind.


Launched five years ago as a partnership between Hallmark Channel and the North Shore Animal League, the Kitten Bowl has helped facilitate the adoption of over 10,000 animals! Beth Stern, the host and animal advocate, said in an interview with CountryLiving.com

“I always say that when you adopt from a shelter you’re saving two lives, you’re saving the life of the pet that you’re bringing home, but you’re also opening up space for somebody new.”

Paws For A Cause

This year’s Kitten Bowl will focus on the survival stories of its “Catletes.” Many of the animals are survivors of Hurricane’s Irma and Harvey, and we will get an opportunity to see their whole journey from rescue to the Game and hopefully to their eventual adopted families. Beth has indicated that the goal of the Kitten Bowl is not just about having fun. It’s to find each of these animals a home.


“Talk to the volunteers—they’ll know the personalities of all the animals that are there—and look at the adults first. Those are the ones that are usually the perfect house pets, [since] their families [probably] moved and left them, or the owners passed away,” says Beth. “When you go to shelters you’re saving lives. And for me, that’s what the Kitten Bowl is all about. It’s making people aware of all of these kittens and cats.”

This is an inspiring event for cat fanatics and lovers around the world and visitors to Minneapolis will get an opportunity to mean these pint-sized powerhouses in person. Aside from a recreation of the stadium itself, guests get to play with the kitties at the Purr-king lot for tailgating and the Paws of Fame Trophy room.

All of the kittens are from local shelters, and they are all available for adoption. The Kitten Bowl is on the Hallmark Channel at noon EST on Feb 4th with a replay at 3 pm.

How To Watch The Kitten Bowl


The Kitten Bowl is on The Hallmark Channel. Here are the streaming services that offer The Hallmark Channel.

DirecTV Now

The Hallmark Channel is a part of DirecTV Now’s “Live A Little” which costs $35/month. This package includes over 60 channels. They offer a 7-day FREE TRIAL if you want to try it for yourself.

Sling TV

Although it is not included in any of the base packages, Sling TV offers the Hallmark Channel in the Lifestyle Extra add-on for $5/month. All you have to do is sign up for Sling Orange ($20/month) or Sling Blue ($25/month). Once you do that you can expand your channel selection with add-ons like Lifestyle Extra.

Try it out for with the FREE TRIAL.


Premier package is $19.99 for the first month and $49.99 thereafter. This service was created for soccer fans but they expanded their selection to include a more diverse channel selection. In addition to all of the sports channels there are networks like CBS and FOX and more specific channels like History, HGTV, E!, and The Hallmark Channel.

If this sounds appealing, give it a whirl with the7-day FREE TRIAL.

PlayStation Vue

The Hallmark channel is also available on t PlayStation Vue. It’s a part of the Core Package which has over 60 channels for $49.99/month. They currently have a 5-day free trial.

Now that you know the ways to watch the kitten bowl it’s time to get streaming. The kitten bowl is on February 4th at 12:00 p.m. AND 3:00 p.m. EST on The Hallmark Channel.


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