Jimmy Kimmel Live! w/Guest Stormy Daniels – After State of The Union


When: January 30, 11:30 EST

What Channel: ABC

Available Streams: DirecTV Now | Hulu With Live TV | PlayStation Vue | YouTube TV

If you’ve been following the news at all, you know that a name on everyone’s lips (excuse the double entendre) is Stormy Daniels. This adult film star born in Baton Rouge is slated to appear on Kimmel’s show – Jimmy Kimmel live on the 30th of January.

Now, the exact time of her appearance is a little bit up in the air, as coincidentally tonight is also when President Trump delivers his State of the Union address! I’m guessing that Daniels appearance on Kimmel is not coincidental. The question on everyone’s minds though is whether or not Daniels will spill the beans.

The WSJ reported earlier this month that she was paid $130,000 by some of Trump’s lawyers to keep the details of the tryst secret. So no one knows for sure if he truly did have an affair or not.

Jimmy, of course, is playing off the publicity. He stated on his Monday night monologue that a lot of his competitors in the late night field are envious of the interview he’s managed to book.

“I have to say; I got a number of emails from a number of very envious fellow late-night talk-show hosts about this booking.”

Now, whether or not Stormy Daniels comes clean about the affair on air is a question no-one can answer. She’s not been shy about validating it since the WSJ first published the report. However, other reporters have yet to get her to commit publicly.

You can catch the interview on ABC (or one of its local affiliates) on Tuesday 30th January. The show is slated to start at 11:30 pm EST, although this could be impacted by the State of the Union.

How To Watch

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is on ABC. Here are the streaming services that offer ABC network.

DirecTV Now

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Hulu With Live TV

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Hulu Live is $39.99/month and includes over 50 channels plus the entire Hulu on-demand library.

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PlayStation Vue

You will have to do some research before sign-up since PlayStation Vue isn’t available in all places. If you meet the requirements, however, Playstation Vue is a good live TV streaming service.

ABC is included in the Access package which is $39.99/month.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is gaining traction as a live streaming service. Their service ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX for $35/month plus over 50 more channels and limitless Cloud DVR.

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