We get it. You can’t miss a game… or the pre-game… or the post-game… or the highlights…

Fortunately, you don’t have to.


7 Awesome NFL End Zone Celebrations

The “No Fun League” is fun once again! The National Football League announced that end zone touchdown celebrations are allowed. Players will now be allowed to use the football as ...
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How to Watch the 2017 NBA Finals Online

We started with sixteen teams and fourteen series later we have finally arrived at our final destination: The 2017 NBA Finals. This year’s National Basketball Association Championship game features two ...
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How to Watch the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Finals Online

The NHL has been celebrating its centennial (100th) anniversary this season. We started with thirty teams and its capped off with the last two in the return of the Stanley ...
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How to Watch the Indianapolis 500 Online

Memorial Day weekend is here and with it is one of the biggest weekends for Indy car racing. This weekend, on Sunday, May 28th, will be the 101st running of ...
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How to Watch the NFL Online

How to Watch the 2017 NFL Season Online The NFL is one of the most watched sports leagues in the U.S. with over 33% of Americans tuned in every season. In the ...
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How to Watch Golf Online

Golf is one of the most revered sports in the world. Statistics show that even millennials are keenly following in the footsteps of the likes of Rory McElroy and Dustin ...
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how to watch NBA

How to Watch the NBA Online

We're big fans of the NBA at CTC. Even though our team didn't make it past the first round of this years playoffs, we still love it. In fact, we're pretty sure ...
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IPL Cricket

How to Watch IPL Cricket Online

One week remains before the First Qualifier Match of the 2017 IPL season. There are only eight matches left between now and then. Tomorrow The Kolkata Knight Riders face off against ...
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