Spike TV Is Now The Paramount Network


Spike TV, the channel that was officially known for a long time as the “channel for men”, is changing things up as it switched over to The Paramount Network on January 18.

This switch comes on the heels of a 2017 announcement by Viacom that they planned to change up the network. This is in an attempt to have the network become more closely associated with Paramount Pictures.

What will these changes mean to the customers who are fans of Spike TV?

First off, if you already have Spike TV as part of a cable television subscription, then you will have no need to make any changes or buy any new channels. Starting on January 18th, 2018 The Paramount Network began broadcasting. For anyone that already had Spike TV in their channel package, there were no interruptions as they switched over.

For those that don’t have cable, there will be a bit more of an issue accessing the channel. As of right now, The Paramount Network has no streaming plans. This means that streaming live or on-demand content from the channel will not be possible, at least for now. Paramount Network president Kevin Kay says that this is because they “want to get the linear network launched” first before concerning themselves with a streaming component.

The Paramount Network Adds More Original Programming


The biggest changes that will come with the launch of The Paramount Network will be in the programming itself. As part of an overhaul to what Spike TV was, The Paramount Network is going to be launching a number of original, scripted series including a mini-series called Waco, Heathers (which is based on the cult-classic film), a western known as Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner, and American Woman starring Alicia Silverstone.

For fans of Spike TV’s reality programming you will be happy to know that these programs will be carried over to The Paramount Network. This means that you wont miss shows like Ink Master and Bar Rescue. Unfortunately, if you are a fan of The Shannara Chronicles, Spike TV’s only original scripted series, then it may upset you to know that this show did not survive the cut during the transition.

A History Of Changes to the Network

The switch to The Paramount Network is one of many that the same channel has undergone since its inception. This is the third incarnation of the channel that originally started as The Nashville Network (TNN). With each change, the channel has grown and added new programming that fans of the network have grown to love. This  includes bringing MXC (an over-dubbed version of Japanese show Takeshi’s Castle), and UFC to the mainstream audience.

Given the channel’s long and diverse history, it is exciting to see where The Paramount Network goes in the future. As it adds to the lineup of original programming it’s sure to grows into a new mainstay of American television.