Sling TV Reaches Over 2 Million Subscribers


For the first time, numbers have been released for Dish’s Sling TV service, and they look really positive. 2017 recorded a massive 47% growth with a gain of around 700,000 users taking the subscription service to a new record of 2.2 million paying subscribers. This makes Sling TV the largest internet-based live TV service.

While this might sound like a huge number, remember that DirecTV Now picked up over a million users last year so while Sling TV is currently in the lead, they definitely cannot rest on their laurels.

This is the first year that Dish has split out its Sling TV numbers from the rest of its regular satellite customer base and while the growth numbers are pretty impressive, Dish has 11 million subscribers in total so the streaming service is still playing catch up. Some of Sling’s growth definitely came through the cannibalization of Dish’s own satellite service.

Sling TV could be considered the granddaddy of the internet streaming services as it launched in the early months of 2015. It’s had a longer period of time to grow its user base, and while it was initially one of the only streaming services that offered access to live sports, it now has competitors in that space. Sling TV has embraced the challenge though and expanded its service in different tiers and also launched a unique stand-alone devices.

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