Sling TV Now Available in Puerto Rico


DISH Network continues to roll out Sling TV and has now made the service available in Puerto Rico. Sling TV is available on smartphones, tables, smart TVs, computers and gaming devices. It will be available in Puerto Rico with no long term contracts or credit checks.

Which Sling TV Packages Are Available in Puerto Rico?

New customers are eligible for a free seven day trial and all Sling TV services are available without a credit check. Sling TV offers the following packages without a long term commitment:

  • Sling Orange (+$20 per month)
  • Sling Blue (+$25 per month)
  • Sling Best of Spanish TV ($10 per month)
  • Sling International (starting at +$10 per month)

Sling TV launched in Puerto Rico on the 25th of January 2018 with Sling TV’s “Best of Spanish TV” and additional local language programming. Both Sling Orange and Blue as well as Sling International were also available on the same day.

A Word From Sling TV

When asked about the service, Reynaldo Pagani, General Manager for DISH Puerto Rico had this to say.

“DISH has served customers in Puerto Rico for 20 years, and we have been proud to lead the way in delivering the best experience in both service and technology. The launch of Sling TV on the island is a continuation of our commitment to offer the best options in entertainment, and the streaming service is a great fit for on-the-go customers seeking a mobile, affordable, Internet-delivered solution.”

Jose Romero – General Manager at Sling TV went on to state that, “we’ve received hundreds of requests a day from Puerto Ricans interested in Sling TV,”

Sling TV offers a variety of different packages and channels to suit all budgets and requirements. Its focus in Puerto Rico on Spanish language programming at $10 per month is a great entry point to the streaming service and additional channels are available for an additional increase. Bundled services actually receive a $5 per month multi-service discount and plans are underway for prepaid Sling TV gift cards. These cards will be available at Walmart, Best Buy, CVS and Walgreens.

Sling TV offers quite a bit of choice in terms of channels and with no specific hardware requirements, customers will be able to watch their favorite programming in or out of their home.

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