Sling TV Available on Samsung Smart TVs


Sling TV is now available on Samsung Smart TVs, which makes it the first ever built-in OTT (over the top) streaming service available on a Samsung Smart TV. It also makes Sling TV the most widely available live streaming service on the market.

Sling TV is available on Samsung’s 2016 line of Smart TVs, and will be available on future models. The live OTT service has made a name for itself as one of the best ways to stream live TV via the internet. Since there is no third-party device necessary, the service is a little more convenient to use.

Smart TVs are seeing a rise in popularity since they eliminate the need for extra streaming boxes, streaming sticks, cords, and remote controls. Smart TVs may be the perfect route for people who love TV and want to reduce the amount of clutter they have in their lives.

The Sling TV app is directly accessible through your TV so you can switch between live shows and streaming services with one remote. It’s also nice if you have a very limited number of HDMI ports. Being able to access more services directly through your TV saves the hassle of unplugging one device so you can plug in another.

Where Else is Sling TV Available?

In addition to Samsung Smart TVs, Sling is currently available on:

Current subscribers can log in to their accounts on Samsung Smart TVs as long as they have the Sling TV app. New customers can sign up for Sling TV directly within the app on their Samsung Smart TV. Sling packages start at $20 a month.

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