Sling Announces New OTA Antenna Promotion

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OTA (over-the-air) antennas are making a comeback for those interested in cutting the cord and this completely legal way of accessing content is only increasing in popularity. While there is a requirement to be in an area that receives the signal, the actual cost to invest in an antenna is fairly low and the hardest part is probably the roof installation.


Dish’s streaming service (Sling TV) has actually removed even that low installation cost as they are now offering two OTA antenna bundles with free antennas!

• The first bundle includes a free Winegard indoor antenna (you do not even need to worry about roof installation!) when you prepay for two months service,
• And the second bundle, gets you an antenna, an adapter and Sling’s AirTV player with three months prepaid service.

The Winegard indoor antenna normally retails for $59.99 and when it is paired with Sling’s AirTV player, you will be able to watch not only the channels from Sling’s streaming service but also some of the more popular services like Netflix and YouTube all without having to switch inputs on your Television.

sling tv antenna

In addition to regular (local) broadcast services in each region, the Sling service does open up new channels that would not otherwise be available for that local market. In some cases, this could include games and events that would otherwise only be viewable on PPV.

It is recommended that you utilize Sling’s tool to determine what specific channels are available in your area, as where you live does definitely impact what you are able to access. However, with its current (as of this writing) 7-day free trial, there really could not be a better time to give this service a spin.

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