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Sling’s New Focus on A La Carte TV

This morning, Sling TV surprised everyone here at CTC with a new focus on A La Carte TV services. While the changes don’t impact the plans, pricing or channel offerings, Sling is clearly taking steps to distinguish themselves further from cable TV providers and possibly, their parent company DISH Network.

The refocus was accompanied by an overhaul of the website, which now prominently features the new tagline. In a statement made through the official Sling blog, CEO Roger Lynch explained “Today, we are doubling down on a concept we think is vital to our customers. We are dedicating ourselves to being the only provider capable of delivering A La Carte TV.”

Through contrast and comparison to both DirecTV Now and “old TV”, Lynch makes the case for Sling TV’s affordability and new emphasis on choice stating that “Sling refuses to replicate the Old TV model” and “it makes no sense to pay $70 each month just because your kids like to watch Boomerang!”

Sling refuses to replicate the Old TV model

Additionally, Lynch expresses A la Carte’s appeal beyond domestic television service, specifically mentioning Sling’s Best of Spanish Language TV content and region-specific programming that includes Mexico, Spain, South America and the Caribbean. The offered add-on content gives customers living in the U.S. a broad range of international programming options. With the new focus, it would not surprise us if Sling’s 300 international TV channel offerings to grow along with the options for more than 20 languages.

it makes no sense to pay $70 each month just because your kids like to watch Boomerang!

If Sling TV’s February 2017 consumer study is correct, and the reported 4 out of 5 pay-TV subscribers do in-fact want an A la Carte option, this shift certainly makes sense.


New AirTV Bundle

Today’s A la Carte announcement was also accompanied by a new limited-time AirTV bundle. Customers who prepay for Sling TV under the following conditions, will be eligible for an AirTV Player and Adaptor for $50:

• Prepay for three months at $20 or more per month
• Prepay for four months with a monthly payment between $15-$20
• Prepay for six months with a monthly payment below $15

A bundled AirTV Player and AirTV Adaptor would normally run $129.99.  Using both devices, customers can access apps like Netflix, Hulu and Sling (obviously),  and all the available local channels, through one device.

Still the Same Sling Service

Again, to be very clear, nothing has changed with Sling’s base packages or add-on channel packs. The $20/month Orange, $25/month blue and $40/month Orange + Blue plans are still available along with all of the Add-on packs. This announcement is really just a re-branding, which makes sense given the increasing number of services prospective cord-cutters have to choose from.
We’ll be following this story closely.

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