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Halloween is just around the corner, and with the holiday comes the spooky, terrifying, and macabre atmosphere that many (including myself) simply love. These are the days that a lot of people wait for all year as the gorge on candy and watch scary movies for hours on end.

shudder 2.0 free trial

If you are one of these people, then the Shudder 2.0 app may be the streaming service you are looking for. Thrillers and horror flicks and shows aplenty can be found on the Shudder 2.0 service, allowing those that are craving more terror than their cable service provides a chance to take a machete to the cord. Cord cutters will find that Shudder is incredibly affordable too, only costing $3.99/mo.

How To Get Shudder 2.0

Sign-up: To sign up for the Shudder 2.0 app as well as obtain your free trial, go to the Shudder website. From here, create your username and enter an email and password. After accepting the terms of use, you will be asked to choose the type of membership that you would like to have to the service. This is followed by entering payment information and, finally, enjoying the content that Shudder 2.0 has available.

Shudder 2.0 Services

Similar/Included Services: There currently are no other services available that are included, or similar to, the Shudder 2.0 app. If for whatever reason, you find that Shudder does not contain certain horror, thriller, or suspense films that you are looking for, the best alternatives are popular services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Crackle.

Shudder 2.0 Rob Zombie

How To Watch Shudder 2.0

How to Watch: Shudder 2.0 is available on all major app stores and can be viewed on devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Android phones and tablets, and the Xbox One. While the Sony line of gaming consoles is currently absent from the list of compatible devices, a post from a developer on Twitter has stated that “A PS4 App is in development”, meaning the service should be making its Sony debut soon.



Shudder 2.0 Price

Price: With either of the following package options, new sign-ups to the Shudder 2.0 service will receive a free trial offer.

• The first package gives users a cancel-anytime, one-month subscription for the small price of $4.99 a month
• The second offering is a one-year membership that is offered at a discounted price of $47.88 for the year (or $3.99/Month)

Shudder 2.0 Features

• A mixed collection of new and old horror, suspense, and thriller content on-demand
• Advertisement free
• Films and Series that are exclusive to the Shudder 2.0 App
• New content added on a weekly basis

Shudder Prevenge

As I had said previously, I am a huge fan of horror films, so to me, this service has a ton more to offer than many other streaming services out there.

Sure, this service does appeal to a niche crowd unlike a universal service such as Netflix. But for fans of this niche, there really isn’t a better streaming service out there, and you get a ton of content for a very small price.

If you want to feed your addiction to the spooky and scary, or if you just want to try out a free trial in time for All-Hallows Eve, then you need to check out Shudder 2.0. I promise you, fellow cord cutters, you won’t be disappointed.

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