Plex Announces News Service


Plex, a media software service, has just announced that it has launched Plex News (R). This new service aggregates news clips from a variety of news sources. Plex News allows you personalize the types of news content that will appear in their feed. Plex News is ad-supported, which means it is available to everyone for free.

What is Plex?

I’m guessing you’re asking what is Plex? A logical question if you’ve never heard of this software program, so allow me to give you a really high-level overview.

Plex started out as a way of curating and playing all of your local (i.e. owned and on your own network) media files. This, in essence, meant that all of that digital content that you’d managed to accumulate over the years could be accessed through a simple, easy to use and understand interface. No more searching multiple hard drives and storage locations – Plex took care of all of that for you and organized it too!



The best part is that Plex sifts through all of the media directories and downloads all of the metadata for each file in your collection. You want to see a Matt Damon movie – bang, there you go. How about a Jason Bourne movie – well, you’ve now got the Matt Damon ones plus the ones with other actors (there really is only one Jason Bourne though isn’t there!). It’s a great tool and it gets even better when you realize that Plex lets you stream that same content to remote devices!

How does this help me get the news?

While Plex is great for pre-owned content, it doesn’t stream live content. However, a new offering is now available. Plex News is available on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, and a host of other devices including Amazon Fire TV. Plex News allows you to set up filters such as different new topics and different news sources.

This service searches a host of different news sites to find news clips from all around the world. As you watch the clips you can follow or mute different stories so that Plex News learns your interests (you can also manually configure this) and provides you content that suits you. Currently launching with 190 different news sources, chances are good that you will find something there that interests you.

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