More Households Have Netflix Than DVR Now

netflix vs dvr

Netflix has taken the world by storm since its introduction, starting as a humble DVD rental service and turning into the worlds most popular premium video streaming platform after its introduction in 2007. With rising subscription numbers, Netflix has begun receiving exclusive content, developing their own original TV series, and producing their own films. With over 75 million subscribers, it has single-handedly taken on all major content producers and distributors in the battle for viewership.

Netflix Takeover

For the first time since its introduction, Netflix subscribers now out number DVR owners, according to a recent study. While 53% of adults own a DVR, Netflix has gained a slight advantage by reaching 54% of adults. This is a drastic change in comparison to the 2011 numbers, which concluded only 28% for Netflix and 44% for DVR.

Not only is Netflix seeing an increase in subscribers, but they are also seeing a rise in subscriber activity. In 2011, Netflix saw 6% of their user base stream content daily, compared to 23% in 2016. This means they are not only earning new customers, but they are earning the loyalty of their increasing subscriber base.

With the price of Netflix remaining relatively the same and the increase in more and more binge-worthy original content, we can be sure to see this trend in Netflix use go up in the years to come.

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