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News for Cord Cutters

Get the latest streaming TV news here. There are a lot of streaming services and devices out there and the list keeps getting bigger. This means there are a lot of things that can change in the world of the cord cutter.


New Sling TV Roku App Upgrades!

Gone are the days when Roku customers had to wait long periods to get Sling TV updates. On Tuesday, Sling TV officially announced a new channel to complement the latest features...

fuboTV Now Supports 60fps AND They Added 41 channels

With each passing day, live TV streaming services are gradually switching focus from adding more channels to their services to increasing the video quality of the channels and shows. The major...

Amazon Prime Video Expands Into India

The world's biggest online store is making new inroads into the world's biggest democracy. Amazon is soon going to add more local content in India as it continues on its growth...

March Madness: How to Watch the Sweet Sixteen Without Cable

Channels: CBS, TBS, TNT, TruTV Available Streams: | | | Hulu With Live TV The Most Wonderful Time of Year “How’s your bracket?” We always hear this question. Somewhere around 70 million...

This Week In Cord Cutting 03-16-2018

Here are the big stories featured on cutthecord this week. Antennas Direct Releases 2 ClearStream Wireless TV Antennas Antennas Direct released a couple of wireless antennas this week, The and the . They're...

Sling TV Refer A Friend Program

Sling TV continues to increase its channel offerings and effective March 8th they’ve gone on a customer acquisition binge also. The new promotion provides a $5/month bonus to an existing subscriber...

YouTube TV Adds More Channels & Increases Price To $40 per Month

Since its launch in April 2017, YouTube TV has seen its subscribers grown to over 300,000, covering nearly 100 markets. If you have been considering a subscription to YouTube TV, today...

How To Watch Pawn Stars Without Cable

When: Thursday 9PM ET Channel: History Available Streams:  | | Hulu With Live TV Have you ever been into a dusty old pawn shop and wondered about the stuff littering the shelves? There...

Antennas Direct Releases 2 ClearStream Wireless TV Antennas

Cord cutters have another reason to rejoice with the recent release of the and Wireless TV Antennas by Antennas Direct. The new antennas help enable access to some of...

Who Is Hosting Saturday Night Live In March 2018

If you've feel a little empty in the absence of Saturday Night Live, here is some good news. After taking a February break, SNL is back. The sets, the costumes, the wigs,...