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There are a lot of streaming services and devices out there and the list keeps getting bigger. This means there are a lot of things that can change in the world of the cord-cutter. Visit to stay up-to-date on all of your cord-cutting industry news.

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Sling TV Introduces In-Browser Viewing

Today Sling introduced the launch of an in-browser player in Google Chrome. This player is currently in beta and is available to all new and existing Sling TV customers. This ...
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Be The Streaming TV Revolution

Press Release: The Cord-Cutters Coup d’état launches as Cable Providers lose 762K Subscribers in Q1 to Streaming TV Services Menomonee Falls, WI – May 17th, 2017 -- The Pay-TV industry was caught off guard by 2017 ...
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Verizon To Launch a New Streaming TV Service This Summer

As time goes on the variety of options for the cord-cutter grows. There is currently an extensive list of quality streaming services, and soon we can add one more to ...
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Hulu Live

Hulu Live: Now Available

Hulu just officially announced the release of their new live steaming service called Hulu Live. Customers that want to access live TV content from channels such as ABC, CBS, FOX, ...
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Sling A La Carte TV

Sling's New Focus on A La Carte TV This morning, Sling TV surprised everyone here at CTC with a new focus on A La Carte TV services. While the changes ...
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4K over the air

4K Over the Air: The Next Evolution

4k OTA: Revolutionizing TV Broadcasting Very soon, you will be streaming your favorite TV shows in 4K crisp quality, and that is not even the best part. Now, imagine getting double ...
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Be The Streaming TV Revolution

Sling TV Adds Cloud DVR for Amazon Fire TV Users

Sling TV is making leaps and bounds with their newest features, providing cord cutters with an even more comprehensive list of benefits. The newest release adds cloud DVR capabilities, allowing ...
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netflix vs dvr

More Households Have Netflix Than DVR Now

Netflix has taken the world by storm since its introduction, starting as a humble DVD rental service and turning into the worlds most popular premium video streaming platform after its ...
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