New Sling TV Roku App Upgrades!


Gone are the days when Roku customers had to wait long periods to get Sling TV updates. On Tuesday, Sling TV officially announced a new channel to complement the latest features that were rolled out last week. The purpose of these upgrades is to ensure Roku customers enjoy the best experience possible on the app.

Add On-Demand Channels

One of the major updates is the ability to add on-demand channels to MyChannels. Sling Blue customers (who stay in areas where live TV feeds are not available) can now add VOD channels from Fandor, Nat Geo Wild, Fox, and NBC.

Upgrade Your Subscription In The App

Also, subscribers can now upgrade their subscription package from within the app, unlike before when subscribers had to go to the Sling TV website. Now, all you have to do is go to the “Add Channels and More” option in the My TV section and you will be granted access after the process is complete.


Access Your Favorite Channels Faster

Additionally, users can now mark their favorite channels and movies for faster access. Favorite channels are marked by heart and are shown first on the new “Micro Guide”, left of the channel guide and on top of the service’s grid guide.

Other updates include improved navigation, including the new Micro Guide that allows you to browse through other channels without exiting the one you’re currently on. The up button on the D-pad will display the micro guide, while the down button will display the old guide. You will also be asked for confirmation when you press the exit button.

Sling TV also mentioned that the upgrades will be shelled out to other streaming boxes like Amazon Fire TV, Android TV-powered devices, and the Apple TV.


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