NBC Universal Can Now Stream Sunday Night Football on Mobile Devices


You read that right NFL fans: major cable juggernaut NBC Universal has obtained the rights to stream all future Sunday Night Football games on connected mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

This agreement comes on the heels of an agreement between the NFL and mobile provider Verizon, which had given exclusive rights to Verizon to stream NFL on their mobile devices if the person was a subscriber to Verizon’s service. With the new deal in place, not only do non-subscribers get to stream NFL action to their device without the need of a Verizon plan, but it also opens up streaming for Verizon via their media platforms, such as Yahoo.


This new deal will allow NBC Universal to stream the content to phones and tablets with the aid of local advertisements that will be placed during the games commercial breaks, not unlike those that a viewer would normally see when watching the game on television. This allows NBC to give viewers the NFL content they are pining for without increasing cost for streaming.

A Unique Deal For Cord Cutters

Since 2008, NBC Universal has been streaming Sunday Night Football online laptops as well as other streaming devices. With the new deal in place, NBC Universal has become the first company that is able to stream NFL games on nearly every connected device available. This is a fact that has NBC Sports Group VP and General Manager of Digital Media, Rick Cordella, very happy.

“2018 will be the first time we can stream prime-time television’s number 1 show on all digital platforms, creating a more seamless viewing experience for NFL fans”, Cordella said in a recent interview, also going on to say that the new deal allows Sunday Night Football to reach more fans than ever before.

No matter if you already stream the NFL on your laptop or if you are excited to stream SNF on your phone, right now is certainly an exciting time to be an NFL fan if you are a cord cutter!

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