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Cord-cutting is all about saving money while not sacrificing on entertainment. In our cord-cutting guide we talk about how you should try and save money on your internet. If you have exhausted your options and need to look for a new internet service provider, give us a call. We have a team of Internet sales professionals (they only know internet, sorry – no cord-cutting questions please) who can help you evaluate the internet options in your area and the best deals they are offering. It doesn’t hurt to check what deals are out there, it could save you hundreds each year.

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*Full disclosure: We won’t sell your information to any outside vendor or 3rd party and we won’t spam you with unwanted emails. Also, Cut the Cord will make some money if you sign-up for new internet service using this site. We promote advertising and services we believe in around cord-cutting to allow us to continue writing content for all current and future cord-cutters.