Hulu With Live TV Made It Easier For Subscribers To Watch The Olympics


Hopefully you’re all ready with your pom-poms and other cheering paraphernalia – the Winter Olympics are here! If you’re a fan of the games at all and are set to cheer your country in their favorite event, Hulu has made things just that little bit easier for you!

While NBC has all the competitions and events, if you have Hulu With Live TV you get an added bonus. Starting today, you can customize your selection and pick your favorite Olympic events. The software will then build a preferred list of events for you with your favorites right up at the top! No more scrolling and searching!

In addition to the added simplicity and favorite functions, Hulu will also offer additional replays, highlights and athlete profiles. Hulu is also putting together more general collections and clips from the other events so you don’t have to worry that you are missing out on anything. Of course, you still have access to all of NBC’s Olympic coverage also.


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