Hulu: Now Available On The Nintendo Switch


Hulu is now available on the Nintendo Switch. It went live on November 9th, 2017 and it is now available for download at the Nintendo eShop. It is the first streaming service available to US users on the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo switch launched back in March. There was a delay in delivering streaming capability because Nintendo wanted to make it clear that, overall the Switch was a high-quality gaming system.


On July 13th the NicoNico app was launched as the very first video streaming service available on the Switch. It was exclusive to users in Japan and it was very similar to YouTube in its functionality. Nintendo had plans to partner up with a larger, world-wide, streaming platform and the plans finally materialized with the Hulu partnership.

The Nintendo Wii U (the handheld predecessor to the Switch) supported Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix. Hopefully we’ll see these streaming services on more Nintendo devices in the future. As of now, Switch user can enjoy all that Hulu has to offer.