How To Watch The Voice Online


The Voice is an American singing competition show going into its fourteenth season on NBC. A successful spring premiere in 2011 expanded the show into the Fall line up. The show follows several contestants, fifteen or older, later reduced to thirteen and older, who are coached through their preparations by four celebrity mentors. The results are determined by the audience’s texts, iTunes purchases, phone calls and activity on the internet.


An adaptation of the Dutch show The Voice of Holland, The Voice was originally dubbed The Voice of America in 2010 while in development. The title was reduced to The Voice before premiering the following year. The show has changed over its twelve seasons, incorporating new rounds and taking away others. The artist is chosen by blind judging.

The celebrity chooses the members of their team by sitting facing the audience. They choose the performer by hitting the buzzer. If more than one chooses the same person then the contestant gets to pick who they want to be their coach through the competition.


The current season of the show is causing a little hostility between fans as people question the voting of the show. With the use of downloads and internet activity, there are plenty of chances for voting to go wrong. What is so special about this year that has everyone up in arms? It appears like some fans are not too happy with the treatment and attitudes that some of the judges are exhibiting, particularly Blake Shelton who has been with the show since it premiered.

It’s possible that the show is looking for a way to keep the ratings high but why create drama when you don’t need it? Maybe it’s inflated egos or a try for mainstream fame, or maybe the audience is just getting tired of the same old/same old they keep getting from the judges and are looking to shake things up themselves.

Availability To Stream The Voice

There is not a lot of variety when looking for this show on the internet. Head on over to or download the app to your Apple or Android Device, Apple TV, Roku, XBox, Amazon Fire or Samsung TV.

Watch The Voice On NBC

Stream one of your favorite competition shows on NBC by heading to the website. If you are away from your computer download the app to your Apple or Android Device and enjoy an episode from the show’s twelfth season.

Other Cord Cutting Options For The Voice

Stream The Voice on Sling as it airs. Sling TV is one of the most popular and affordable online streaming services. You can head on over to Hulu or YouTube if you would like to see clips and behind the scenes footage from the show. DirecTV Now is also another option as they have recently added NBC programming.

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