How to Watch The Big Bang Bang Theory Online


The Big Bang Theory has taken nerdy jokes to a whole new level. The Show follows the lives of four socially awkward, science-loving nerds with a more sociable female neighbor as they try to cope with work, life, and frankly, each other.

A Brief History of The Big Bang Theory

The first season of the Big Bang Theory debuted on CBS and became an instant hit. However, things were not rosy at first for the Show’s producers Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre. CBS had rejected their first script of The BBT, prompting them to go back to the drawing boards and come up with something catchier. Fast forward, today this nerdy sitcom show is on its 10th season and the geeky jokes keep getting better.


Options For The Cord-Cutter

There is good news and bad news for those who would like to watch The BBT online. The good news is, there are plenty of online streaming platforms to watch the Big Bang Theory, some even offering free streaming. The bad news is that there are many restrictions that lock out fans of the Big Bang Theory from outside the U.S.

Back to the good news, you can stream Big Bang Theory Episodes on your laptop or any mobile device. You only need to log into a website or download an app to watch BBT episodes instantly from anywhere.

CBS Online


Anyone with a CBS All Access (R) account can watch episodes of the Big Bang Theory anytime, absolutely free. Even better, CBS online allows you to stream the first five episodes of the Big Bang Theory without signing up. Later, you can sign up for a 7-week trial and watch two more free episodes.

The Big Bang Theory can be watched on CBS via two exclusive packages. The first package goes for $6 a month and allows you to watch full episodes in between a few commercials. However, for those who want to stream episodes commercial-free, there is the premium ad-free package going for $10 a month.

Internet TV

Unfortunately, there is no solid plan yet for CBS to roll out The Big Bang Theory to Internet TV. Therefore, you are unlikely to find the series streaming on Hulu or Netflix. There were rumors of a grand plan to upload The Big Bang Theory to Netflix, sadly, this plan never materialized.

Competing Streaming Services

The same applies with Hulu and Hulu Plus. Since Hulu is partly owned by rival TV networks, like FOX and NBC, it is unlikely the Big Bang Theory will air on Hulu either. However, Hulu does contain a ready link you can click and get directed to the official CBS page. You can then stream free episodes from the official CBS web page.

Google Play and iTunes

Episodes of The Big Bang Theory are available for download in both iTunes and Google Play. You can decide to purchase single episodes for $2 (SD) or $3 (HD). This would be a great option if you missed a few episodes and want to catch up. Alternatively, you can purchase an entire season as a subsidized bundle. This would be an ideal plan if you want to binge watch on The Bing Bang Theory from season 1 to season 9.

Amazon Instant Video


Similarly, Amazon Video has a collection of the Big Bang Theory for purchase and download to your laptop or mobile device. High-Definition Episodes are downloadable for $2.99 each. If you want an entire season to binge it’s $29.99. Amazon Video is a suitable option in case you do not wish to wait until full seasons of the BBT are uploaded to online streaming sites.


The Big Bang Theory is one of the most unique and hilarious TV shows of all time. However, not all BBT fans are able to access new episodes because of various limitations. Luckily, the tips discussed in this article should help you access and enjoy your favorite nerdy TV show via the Internet.

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