How To Watch Supergirl Online


Supergirl follows Kara of Krypton, journalist and the woman of steel as she navigates her two identities and tries to keep her secret. Kara is an ambitious journalist who not only works her way through the competitive waters at work she must find a way out of the shadows of her superhero cousin Superman. This is one of the great new shows you can get on streaming services.

Aided by her cousin’s friend Jimmy Olsen and tech guy Winn Schott (R), Kara begins to embrace her superpowers and find her place at the office. In addition to her work as a reporter, Kara assists her adoptive sister Detective Alex Danvers.

Played by Melissa Benoist, Kara is your typical young women in her twenties, except she’s not. Kara struggles with her powers and her life as a career and goal oriented woman. Awkward and fun to watch as she navigates her daily life with one obstacle that could change her life forever, Kara finally decides to embrace the life she was meant for while still maintaining the life she’s dreamed of.

supergirl on CW

Supergirl is a fantasy series adapted from a comic book but like the stories it originated from and other shows like it, Supergirl is about identity and finding your strength. Our TV is full of male superheroes struggling with their secrets and figuring out how to balance life. Now that more female superheroes are joining the television ranks it is good to see that struggle being adapted into the life of a woman who just so happens to be an alien from planet Krypton.

Identity is a struggle every human deal with as they grow, and it never goes away. While this show remains fantasy there is a lot of reality that plays out in the story. This is probably why these shows are so successful. Not only do we get to live through a hero but we also get to see ourselves in these characters. The good and the bad.

After one season on CBS (R), Supergirl moved to The CW following its cancellation from the highest rated network on television. While the move hasn’t ran smoothly for the superhero show, it dropped half of its viewers in its key demographic, that doesn’t mean that the woman of steel will be leaving us anytime soon. When you move from the highest rated network to the lowest you are going to have a dip in your ratings. Supergirl is the second highest rated show on the network behind fellow superhero show The Flash.

Supergirl has been taken off of Hulu but remains on the most popular streaming network, Netflix. Along with its sister shows, Arrow and The Flash, Supergirl has had a lot of success on the streaming market.


supergirl on netflix

If you are looking to or have already cut the cord and said goodbye to your cable provider, Netflix is your best bet for a streaming network. It has lots of original content and many of your favorite shows are already there. Even better: the new seasons are arriving faster after the conclusion of the season so if you are someone who loves to binge watch, Netflix is perfect for you. Seasons One and Two of the popular series are available to watch on Netflix along with its fellow superhero shows. Many of your favorite CW shows are available to stream on Netflix.

On Demand and Live TV Streaming Services

With the show’s popularity among a demographic that loves to stream online, doesn’t have cable and prefers binge-watching over weekly views, it is no surprise that Supergirl is on a majority of streaming networks. While it has been taken off of Hulu, Supergirl is available to watch on many other platforms for $1.99 an episode or on (R) after it airs.

Luckily for dedicated viewers of The CW, the network has decided to make all their shows available everywhere. That means you can watch Supergirl without a subscription on your Roku device, Apple TV, Android device, Tablet and Mobile, Chromecast, AirPlay, Xbox, and Amazon Fire TV.

  • DIRECTVWatch Supergirl as it airs.
  • The CW– After the show airs head on over to to watch the latest episodes.
  • Netflix– Seasons One and Two are available to stream with a subscription.
  • Amazon Prime– Watch Supergirl for $2.99 an episode or purchase the whole season $29.99. Season One and Two are available.
  • Playstation Vue– Purchase an episode of Supergirl for $1.99

stream supergirl

A la Carte Services To Stream Supergirl

Youtube: A la carte

  • Seasons One and Two of The CW series is available for $1.99 an episode. Watch on your compatible device

Itunes: A la carte

  • Season One and Two are available to watch for $2.99 an episode
  • You can purchase season one and two for $29.99 each

Amazon Video: A la carte

  • Seasons One through Three are available to purchase on Amazon Video
  • You can purchase each episode for $2.99
  • Purchase a whole season for $29.99

Vudu: A la carte

  • Seasons One and Two are available on Vudu
  • Each episode is available to purchase for $1.99
  • Season One and Two are available to purchase for $29.99

Google Play: A la carte

  • The show is available on Google Play for $1.99
  • Purchase seasons one and two for $29.99 each

Playstation Vue- A la carte

  • Supergirl is available for $1.99 an episode
  • Purchase an entire season for $1.99 an episode

Fandango Now: A la carte

  • Purchase season’s one and two for $28.99 each
  • A single episode is $1.99

Microsoft Store: A la carte

  • Purchase a whole season of Supergirl for $29.99
  • Purchase an individual episode for $1.99

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