How To Watch Project Runway Online


Premiering its first season on Bravo (R)in 2004, Project Runway has found success on the Lifetime Network. The show transferred networks in 2009. Hosted by model Heidi Klum (R), Project Runway is a reality competition show where designers are given a restricted amount of time to create their clothes before a model is sent down the runway wearing their design. There are many different ways to stream Project Runway.

The shortest amount of time the designers are given is five hours and the longest is three days to create their designs. The exception is fashion week (R) where the contestants are given twelve weeks to finish their designs. Each episode the contestants are given a challenge where they will use non-traditional materials to create one or more new pieces.

The designers personal style and creativity remain while they work outside of their personal comfort zone. Contestants have designed for high profile people, worked with particular themes and designed a corporate fashion line.

Over the Project Runway’s fifteen year run the show has had several guest judges, many returning from different episodes and seasons. There are two regular judges that remain every episode and two guest judges come in. They usually return somewhere down the line.


The guest judges are people in the fashion industry, including designers and models, people who work in the fashion department of magazines, and actors. Real models show off the  clothes after they are finished and ready to be shown. They work individually with the designer coming in for fittings.

Project Runway has seen a lot of success. It  has several spin offs including Project Runway All Stars, Project Runway Juniors, Under the Gunn, Project Accessory, Project Runway Threads, Fashion Startup and a few international versions as well. The fast pace and format of the show makes for an enjoyable hour of television. While most reality television relies on drama, Project Runway has found a new way to be successful in the market.

Tim Gunn (R) stands out in a sea of people as the energetic mentor often yelling his catch phrase “make it work.” His encouragement and kind nature towards the contestants is not only refreshing but important. Judges tell the contestants like it is without being mean. Project Runway relies on its strength and doesn’t have to reach for the drama to catch the ratings.



Project Runway is available on multiple streaming services. Some of the most popular options include Hulu, Amazon Video, Sling and more. Project Runway is a show that knows what it is and is dedicated to giving its designers a fair shot. The atmosphere of the show is healthier than most reality based TV shows and its dedication to diversifying over the years have aided in the show’s growth.

Project Runway on Hulu

If you haven’t already, sign up for streaming network Hulu. Without a Hulu Plus subscription you can watch many shows and with a subscription you will get shows sooner and more shows and seasons become available to you.

Other Cord Cutting Options

Due to its popularity, Project Runway is a staple on Streaming TV. Not on Netflix, Runway is available to stream on Hulu and various other sites including New episodes will arrive to the sight once season sixteen premieres.


On Demand

  • Amazon Video- Seasons eight through fifteen are available to purchase for $9.99. An individual episode is available for $1.99.
  • Hulu Plus- Seasons nine through fourteen are available for your binge watching needs.
  • Lifetime- Watch seasons nine through fifteen on Lifetime. New episodes available after season sixteen premieres.

Youtube: A la carte

  • Seasons eight through fifteen are available to watch for $1.99 an episode. Watch on any Apple or Android device, and Roku.

Itunes: A la carte

  • Seasons eight through fourteen are available to purchase for $9.99 a season
  • Each episode is $1.99

Amazon Video: A la carte

  • Seasons eight through fifteen are available to purchase on Amazon Video
  • Watch individually for $2.99 an episode
  • Purchase an entire season for $9.99

Vudu: A la carte

  • Seasons nine through fifteen are available on Vudu
  • Each episode is available to purchase for $1.99
  • Purchase by season for $19.99

Google Play: A la carte

  • Seasons eight through fifteen are available for purchase.
  • Buy each season for $9.99

Microsoft Store: A la carte

  • Purchase a whole season of Project Runway for $9.99
  • Purchase an individual episode for $1.99


  • Stream Project Runway as it airs

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