How To Watch MTV Undressed Online


Not to be confused with the early 2000’s anthology series of the same name, MTV Undressed (R) is a reality dating show wherein strangers undress and get in bed with each other. While dressing down to their underthings, the pair will ask each other varying degrees of personal questions. There are also games where the couples figure out if they are compatible.

The show has been branded a social experiment and a look at dating in the digital age. Away from all the distractions of daily life, each pair will be able to get to know each other in the most awkward way possible.


The era of dating games and reality shows will continue. Thanks to the sixties, game shows inspired by the dating world just won’t die. Instead of handing each other roses or deciding he’s just not the one for me, MTV has come up with something far more complicated. Stripping down to nothing before the first date was finished used to be controversial and, while that is none of our business, it seems that going nearly naked on the first date is being celebrated in front of the cameras.

Networks are always looking to one-up each other and it appears that MTV believes it found its way with Undressed but the theme and social experiment that would fair better in a University lab just doesn’t make the cut for me. Sometimes trying to shock people is boring.

Ways To Stream MTV Undressed

First seasons of MTV shows are always harder to find but with the internet being the way it is there is always someplace. MTV will carry the first episode after its premiere on August 16th, as will Hulu. Stream the first episode on Sling.

  • MTV.COM – The next day after the show’s premiere, MTV’s Undressed will be available to cringe watch on the networks official site.
  • Hulu – Stream the first episode on Hulu after it airs. Hulu’s cheapest package is $7.99/mo
  • Sling – Watch the first episode live via Sling. MTV is available on the Orange package which is $20/mo. .
  • DirecTV NOW – MTV is part of the standard DIRECTV NOW package that starts at just $35/mo.

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