How To Watch Modern Family Online


Undeniably, any TV show with Sofia Vergara in it is bound to be hilarious. Surprisingly, when Modern Family premiered with its first pilot, we discover that everyone else around Sofia is equally hilarious in his or her own way. After season one, it was clear that this new sitcom was not leaving ABC anytime soon. The best news is that there are several ways to stream online.

Well Deserved Accolades

Modern Family is one of the best performing sitcoms on ABC. It has a massive following in the U.S. and worldwide, managing to impress the likes of Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. Though the show is a family drama, one cannot help but marvel at the unique and hilarious personalities exhibited by each character on the show.


For those who are still wondering how they can watch Modern Family online, there are plenty of ways to stream the TV show on the Internet. This can be on either a paid subscription or a free trial account. In addition, you can buy an entire season and watch the episodes at your convenience.

Modern Family on Sling TV

Sling TV will let you watch Modern Family if you sign up to their subscription plans. The online streaming service provides two packages to its clients: Orange and blue subscription packages. The Blue package is more advanced and includes premium channels such as CBS, FOX, and ABC. This is the only package with the ABC channel for just $25 a month.


However, the ABC channel is accessible in a select number of states. Therefore, it is important to confirm whether your subscription will include ABC in the channel bouquet. For those eligible for ABC, Sling TV will charge an additional $5 to add ABC to your package.

You may also sign up for a one-week trial account with Sling TV and watch Modern Family at no cost. This should help you determine whether to sign up or cancel your Sling TV account altogether. 

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is a TV app that is compatible with iOS, Chromecast, and Android. For only $35 a month, one has access to ABC and other premium channels like AMC and FOX. Streaming Modern Family via DirecTV can be done on a laptop or mobile device.

On the other hand, DirecTV offers a free trial period of 7 days that can be switched to a paid package afterward. Take advantage of the free trial to catch up on a few episodes of Modern Family.

Modern Family On Hulu

Hulu is partly owned by the ABC network. Therefore, new episodes of Modern Family are usually uploaded to Hulu first. With a Hulu account, you are guaranteed live streaming of Modern Family as it airs on ABC. It will only cost as little as $8 a month to watch on Hulu.


A basic Hulu account costs $7.99 a month, which gives you access to full seasons of Modern Family for streaming once they air on ABC. Alternatively, it is possible to watch live by upgrading to a premium Hulu account that includes Live TV. This will cost $39.99 a month and all live episodes are streamed commercial-free.

On the other hand, Hulu has a free trial offer for 30 days on the basic package and 7 days on the premium package. A free account will give you access to episodes of Modern Family. Afterwards, you can switch plans or cancel your subscription.

ABC Online

In addition to cable TV, ABC airs live episodes of Modern Family on their website. This is a great option for those who are looking to cut costs by switching off their cable subscription. Modern Family episodes are unique, which means that each episode is a different story.


Another advantage is that you do not need to sign up a personal account to watch Modern Family on ABC. Just load the website on a laptop or smartphone, click the Modern Family episode you want to watch and start streaming.

Digital Downloads and DVD

For those who love to collect their favorite TV shows, Amazon Video provides a digital download option for episodes of Modern Family. One episode should cost $2 to purchase and download. However, it is much cheaper if you purchase an entire season for $40.

You can also buy episodes on iTunes for $2 (SD) and $3 (HD). iTunes should sync to your Apple TV, but it will be difficult connecting it to other dongles like Roku or Amazon Fire. Google Play also has episodes of Modern Family going for $1.99 each.

Physical Media?!?

Amazon also allows you to pre-order DVDs of the Modern family especially for those still holding onto their DVRs. Depending on your region, the DVDs can be shipped to your home free of charge. The only downside is that you will have to wait for an entire season to be over before it is released on DVD.

However you get to watch Modern Family, you’re in for a treat. It’s a great show and it deserves all of the applause that it has gotten over the years.

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