How To Watch Marlon Online


Debuting on Wednesday, August 16 Marlon stars Marlon Wayans (Rof In Living Color and Scary Movie fame as a loving but immature father co-parenting his children with his ex-wife Ashley, portrayed by Essence Atkins (R).

A throwback to sitcoms of the early 2000’s, Marlon finds his own while simultaneously making us think of his older brother Damion of My, Wife and Kids. While Damon’s character was far more mature than Marlon’s they still share the same overreactions typical of sitcom dads. The typical formula of sitcoms is present with the two children, Marley and Zach; a teenage girl on the verge of dating and the wisecracking son.

There seems to be a reemergence for the actor who is not only known as the younger brother of Shawn, Keenan, and Damon or as a comedian but for his work in the nineties drug film Requiem for a Dream. Marlon has skills that far surpass what he does with comedy but there is no denying the presence he has on screen.

You can also catch Marlon in the Netflix original Naked, a Groundhog Day Esque film. A strong believer in writing his own material, Wayans manages to be a strong performer and creator in a world of sitcoms that just need to be seen.


Marlon Availability

Marlon is an NBC sitcom premiering on August 16th. After the show premieres, it will be available to watch on

Watch Marlon on NBC

For those of you with Hulu apps on your Roku or Apple TV don’t worry, this NBC sitcom, like the majority of their others, will be available to stream on the site.

Other Cord Cutting Options For Marlon

When it comes to the networks original sitcoms, NBC does not shy away from streaming services. After the show’s premiere, you will be able to watch the show on YouTube, iTunes, among other streaming sites.

Marlon On Demand

  • NBC- Watch the show online at the network site after the show airs.
  • Hulu- Watch anywhere on your apple or android device.
  • Sling- Watch live when the show airs.

Youtube: A la carte

  • Head on over to Youtube a check out Marlon Wayans new show after it premiers

Itunes: A la carte

  • Buy the first episode after it airs on NBC

Amazon Video: A la carte

  • Episode one will be available to purchase after the show airs on Aug 16th

Vudu: A la carte

  • Watch the first episodes after they air on NBC
  • The app is available on Roku and Apple TV

Google Play: A la carte

  • Watch episodes after they air

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