How To Watch Lucha Wrestling Online Without Cable


The high flying moves. The intense match-ups. The mask. Nothing in the world is quite like Lucha Libre.

While the WWE may be the biggest game in town when it comes to professional wrestling, there are fans that enjoy what the sport has to offer outside of the Big Time, and one of these biggest fan bases belong to Lucha Libre. This style of wrestling originated in Mexico and is known for its larger-than-life characters and their masked warriors, as well as its exciting and high-impact in-ring action.

The only downside to being a fan of Lucha Libre is that there is no streaming service dedicated to this style of wrestling, such as there is the WWE with the WWE network, and finding Lucha Libre on cable usually means buying expensive channel packages on cable. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to watch various Lucha promotions online, however, and we are here to tell you where you can find your favorite Lucha stars without paying for special cable packages.


Lucha Underground


What to Expect From Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground brings something unique to the wrestling scene with a more scripted and dramatic approach to the action then you may get in most other promotions. That isn’t to say that you can’t find a lot of in-ring action with Underground, as well as well-known names in the sport of professional wrestling including Johnny Mundo (John Morrison of WWE fame) and Chavo Guerrero.

Where to Watch Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground, which had originally got its start on cable TV’s El Rey Network, has since been picked up by Netflix as one of the services “Original Series”.

How To Watch On Netflix

To watch Lucha Underground online, first sign-up for Netflix (if you haven’t already) by clicking the “Start Free Trial” button on Netflix home-page. From here, enter your necessary account information (email, password, payment or gift card).

Once you get through the sign-up process, simply enter “Lucha Underground” into your search bar. The program should show up and you will be able to start watching or add it to your queue for later.

Netflix is stream-able on a vast number of devices. Before you get a subscription make sure you have one of the following devices to stream Lucha Underground.

  • Smart TV
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Game Consoles
  • Set-top Boxes
  • Blu-ray Players
  • Smartphones & Tablets (Android, Apple, Windows)
  • PCs & Laptops

Lucha Underground On YouTube

Lastly, Lucha Underground posts a decent amount of content on El Rey’s YouTube channel for free.



How To Stream Lucha Underground Live

Sling TV

Current installments of Lucha Underground air on the El Rey Network. El Rey Network is included in Sling TV’s “Sling Blue” package for $25/month.


El Rey is available on fuboTV (available on most streaming devices) as a part of the “Premier” package. The “Premier” package contains over 70 channels for $39.99/month. The first 2 months are $19.99/month. They offer a 7-Day Free Trial if you want to see for your self.


DirecTV NOW includes EL Rey in their “Gotta Have It” package for $70/month. This package includes over 120 channels. They offer a FREE TRIAL so can take it for a test drive.

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL)


What to Expect From CMLL

Seeing as CMLL is one of the oldest wrestling promotions in the country of Mexico, many popular stars compete for the promotion such as Ultimo Guerrero, Marco Corleone (Mark Jindrak in the WWE), and Mistico (The original Sin Cara in the WWE).

Where to Watch CMLL

CMLL, one of the most popular and well-known promotions in all of Mexico, can be watched on YouTube VIA CMLL’s own channel. Additionally, Galavision airs a 1-hour version of the CMLL show. Luckily, Galavision is a part of Sling TV’s “Sling Orange” package for $20/month and the “Best of Spanish TV” package.

Galavision is also a part of DirecTV NOW’s “Live a Little” package for $35/month. They offer a 7-day FREE TRIAL for anybody who wants to try it out before subscribing.

How to Watch

Seeing as you don’t have to set up any prior subscription or pay any cost to watch CMLL on YouTube, you can simply go to the website or app for YouTube and search for CMLL in the search bar. You should see a plethora of videos come up, but if you are looking for the official channel it will be under “VideoOficialesCMLL”.

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide


What to Expect From AAA Worldwide

When people talk Lucha Libre, the first promotion that usually pops into their mind is the super-popular AAA. This promotion holds various weekly shows and even has major events such as one known as “TripleMania”. You can also expect to see many of the biggest names in Lucha Libre work for the promotion, including El Mesias, La Parka, and the aforementioned Johnny Mundo of Lucha Underground and WWE fame.

Where to Watch AAA Worldwide

Since AAA only airs live programs in Mexico, you have to watch events online after they air. Much like the former CMLL, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide can be viewed online VIA YouTube and AAA’s own channel.

How to Watch

Simply go to the YouTube website or the YouTube app and search for “Lucha Libre AAA”. The first result that pops up should be their YouTube channel of the same name, where they regularly upload shows about two weeks after they air on TV.

Lucha Libre Channel Recap


While you can stream plenty of Lucha Libre online, some content may be missing or you may prefer to watch the promotions live. For that, here is a list of Cable channels on which you can find CMLL or AAA programming (if you happen to be reading this from a foreign country).


  • Televisa (Mexico)
  • LATV (America)
  • The Wrestling Channel (UK)
  • Galavision (America/Canada)


  • El Rey (America)
  • Univision TDN (Mexico/America)
  • Gala TV (Mexico)
  • FrontRunner TV (UK)


In closing, Lucha Libre wrestling really is a revolution. It brings a style and essence to the professional wrestling world that no other style of wrestling can. If you are a cord cutter looking for more of a pro wrestling fix than you can get from WWE, check out some Lucha Libre action!

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