How to Watch Grey’s Anatomy Online


No one is spared from life’s drama, not even a team of professional doctors from Seattle. In what critics say is the best thing to happen after ER, Grey’s Anatomy (R) is making a comeback with its 14th season. The good news is that you can stream all episodes without the need for Cable TV.

When Grey’s Anatomy first aired on ABC, it was an instant hit. Tabloids described it as a more serious version of the “ER” with a comical touch from “Scrubs”. The TV show proved not to be a one-hit wonder and it has 11 full seasons to prove it.

What Is Grey’s Anatomy?


Grey’s Anatomy is about a group of medical practitioners working at a hospital in Seattle. Here is the interesting twist, it is not always scrubs and injections on the medical hallways. The medical staff working in various departments each have their fair share of drama.

Meredith Grey and her team are brilliant in handling complex medical cases presented to them.  They also find friendship and comfort in each other while coping with the drama in their own lives. Sometimes, this friendship can go a little too far.

It is now official; the 14th season of Grey’s Anatomy will be with us soon. Before then, why not catch up on older episodes right from season 1 to season 13. Here are several options to stream the medical drama without the need for Cable TV.


For those who want to binge watch on all seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, Netflix is the place to do that. You may not be able to stream the latest season as it airs on ABC. All other episodes, from season 1-13, are available to binge watch.


You do not have to make any commitments right away. Netflix allows you to open a 30-day trial account for free. This gives you a chance to stream all full episodes of Grey’s Anatomy at no cost. Remember to cancel your subscription by the end of the trial period to avoid getting charged.


Grey’s Anatomy is available on DirecTV as well. A DIRECTV NOW subscription will cost $35 a month. This is more expensive than the Netflix option. Luckily, DIRECTV NOW offers a free trial account albeit only for 7 days. This would be a great chance to sample a few seasons and see if the medical drama is your thing. What’s more, DirecTV accepts all major credit cards. Therefore, opening an account with them should be straightforward.

Sling TV

Sling TV streams content from major TV channels including ABC, TBS, and AMC. All episodes of Grey’s Anatomy are available for live streaming. Similarly, Sling TV also provides a 7-day free trial account to sample their content. There is no financial commitment required during this trial period. You may cancel the account immediately once the free trial expires.

Hulu TV

Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy are available on Hulu in full HD. There are two options of streaming content on the Hulu website. Those with a basic account can only watch a total of four recent episodes. Those with a Hulu Plus subscription have access to all episodes from season 1 to the present.


You will not pay anything when opening a Hulu basic account. A 30-day free trial account allows you to catch up on all the latest episodes. Hulu TV is available on Xbox, PS3, Apple TV and many other Internet TV dongles.

Amazon Prime Video

Things get a bit more expensive when streaming content on Amazon Prime Video. To begin with, you have to be a prime member to access all episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. As if that is not enough, each episode will cost $2 for SD quality and an extra amount to watch in HD.


Amazon Prime Video is a great choice for catching up on a few episodes. The binge watcher may have to seek cheaper alternatives. Another option is to buy DVDs of Grey’s Anatomy and watch all episodes.

iTunes & Google Play

Charges for watching Grey’s Anatomy on iTunes (R) or Google Play (R) are the same as those on Amazon Prime Video. An episode of Grey’s Anatomy will cost $2 or $3, depending on quality. Again not a cheaper option for those who would like to stream entire seasons.

Media Action TV

Media Action has one advantage over all online watching platforms. It does not limit viewing of its content to U.S. residents. In addition, there are over 50,000 TV channels hosted on Media Action TV including ABC.

Content on Media Action TV can stream even on slow internet connection. The streaming website provides episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in 480p, 720p, and 1080p quality.  A 30-day trial account allows you to stream and download high-quality episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy is currently one of the best-rated medical dramas today. Rotten Tomatoes gives the show a 70% rating, which is huge considering how critics on Rotten Tomatoes are hard to impress. Make sure you have a way to watch season 14. You definitely do not want to miss out.

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