How to Watch Golf Online


Golf is one of the most revered sports in the world. Statistics show that even Millennials are keenly following in the footsteps of the likes of Rory McElroy and Dustin Johnson. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to enjoy a game of golf online from the convenience of your home.

The internet has made watching golf easier from your laptop or portable mobile device. Though Internet TV is quite often a paid service, it is still possible to watch the PGA games on a free subscription plan. For the cord-cutters or those who wish to tune into their favorite golf player anywhere, there are several avenues to watch golf on the internet.

PGA Tour Website

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The PGA website is one of the most readily available avenues for watching live tournaments of golf from an internet-enabled device. Recently, sponsors of the PGA Tour launched a standalone streaming channel. This is now the official channel where the PGA Tour premiers are going to be streamed online. Subscription to the PGA streaming service is relatively cheap; starting at $6 a month or $40 for an entire year.

However, there are limitations to streaming golf matches on PGA Tour Live. The PGA website will only be showing snippets of live games for the commentaries or performance analysis of selected players competing in the current season. This poses another disadvantage of missing the chance to watch one’s favorite golfer in action. In addition, some people may find it unappealing to watch full live golf tournaments without the commentaries.

Direct TV

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Direct TV is by far one of the most sought-after online streaming services for watching golf (and just about any other sport). To stream live games online, you will require the Direct TV app available for both iOS and Android devices. Once you download and install the Direct TV app, you can start watching golf tournaments by signing up to any of their subscription packages.

The lowest Internet TV package from Direct TV goes for $35 a month and grants you access to over 60 channels and more. Top-tier packages will have more than 120 channels available for viewing. Additionally, the Direct TV app works seamlessly on several players and smartphones and supports iOS and Android as well Mac and PC.

Watching golf tournaments on Direct TV does not require any contract agreement, which means that you can cancel your subscription anytime. With your paid subscription, Direct TV gives you access to live games on channels like ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports, FS1, NBC, and Golf Channel. However, NBC may be exclusive to select States in the U.S. These channels regularly host live premiers of the US Open, Player Championships, British Open, and the Ryder Cup.

It is possible to see what channels you are getting before subscribing, just visit the Direct TV channel list. Alternatively, you can test the Direct TV streaming service by signing up for the one-week free trial. This grants you access to an opening game and can also be a good idea if you only want to see the finals.

Sling TV

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Sling TV is another rising online streaming app that allows you to watch any golf tournament live. Sling TV is supported on several devices including iOS, Android, Mac, Roku, Apple TV, Chrome cast, and Amazon Fire TV. The lowest subscription package begins from $20 a month and there is no contract involved.

With a month’s subscription, you have access to Sports channels like ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. However, NBC may not be available in all U.S states. Sling TV also provides its viewers with Golf Channel if you upgrade to an exclusive package called Sports Extra. Upgrading to Sports Extra only costs $5 more, and this adds about 20 more Sports channels to your bouquet.

Getting the Sports Extra package is not really necessary because you get all the golf games you want on ESPN. However, if you really want to catch the tournaments as they start and progress, you may want to subscribe to the Golf Channel. This Channel will let you see the grand live openings of the PGA tour.

If you have NBC, you will also be lucky to watch the British Open, The Presidents Cup, FedEx Cup Playoffs, Ryder Cup, and the Master tournament. Those with Fox and Fox Sports 1 can watch the premiere of the U.S open. The British Open also premiers live on the Golf Channel. Besides the mainstream golf championships, Sling TV also airs tournaments from the Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Sling Packages

Sling TV currently has two exclusive packages: Sling Blue and Sling Orange. Though Sling Orange has more streaming channels, Sling Blue still does well enough and provides subscribers with channels like NBC and FS1 where you can watch the British Open for men and women. The Sling Orange package is the most expensive, but if you are on T-Mobile, you can subscribe at a discount price of $14.

Sling TV offers a 7-day free trial test of their services before subscribing. You can subscribe to the Sling TV streaming service for free for 7 days.

PlayStation Vue

playstation vue

PlayStation Vue is the Internet TV service offered by PlayStation. Launched in March 2015, it first became available to gamers on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. Later on, PlayStation Vue rolled out on other platforms like Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iPad, and Amazon Fire TV. PlayStation Vue gives you access to top sports channels like ESPN, CBS, FS1, NBC, and Fox. You can watch a variety of golf tournaments throughout the year from any of these channels.

Compared to other online streaming services, PlayStation Vue may be the most expensive. The lowest subscription package for PlayStation Vue starts at $30 a month for the same viewing privileges offered by its competitors. Their highest package, labeled Core, goes for $45 a month. However, PlayStation Vue places some restrictions on mobile viewing, which means you cannot watch your favorite golf games on the go.

Nevertheless, PlayStation Vue does not fail to provide a great viewing experience of golf tournaments. Moreover, you can comfortably switch from watching a golf game to resuming your current PS4 game in seconds. Lastly, becoming a PlayStation Vue subscriber allows you to watch the games on multiple devices while at home.



fuboTV is a newcomer in the online streaming service, but it is quickly gaining momentum. You can stream any golf tournament live from fuboTV, which is completely legal. fuboTV has solely focused on ensuring their clients can stream live games uninterrupted 24/7.

fuboTV has only one subscription package going for $35 a month. With this subscription, you have access to over 40 Live Channels covering live golf tournaments. Some channels to expect in your bouquet include FS1, NBC, FS2, and the Golf Channel. NBC may not be inclusive in all U.S States thus it is good to confirm availability in your region before subscribing to fuboTV.

Just like other Internet TV services, fuboTV does not require any contract with the client. This means you can cancel your subscription anytime once the golf tournament season is over. As a welcome package, fuboTV allows you to stream their channel free for one week before switching to the paid plan.

CBS Online

cbs all access

Many sports channels on cable TV are joining the online streaming wave, one of them being CBS. You can watch CBS-TV as a supported service on any of the available Internet TV providers. On the other hand, you can exclusively access the CBS channel through their new streaming online services, CBS All Access.

Subscription to CBS All Access goes for $5 a month and is available in over 156 countries worldwide. The CBS online TV extensively covers the premieres and finales of the PGA and Masters championships. There is a free one-week trial to CBS All Access to instantly view your favorite golfer play.

How to view golf tournaments outside the USA

Services like Sling TV, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, or Roku are all exclusive to U.S customers. You can only view the golf tournaments if your account credentials are opened from the U.S. Viewing through someone else’s credential, preferably a subscriber in the U.S may work although it will not be long before your IP address is blacklisted.

The only option to watch all golf tournaments online for people living outside the U.S. is through the use of VPN services. VPNs allow you to bypass the IP address restrictions and it is completely legal to view games through this channel.

With more cable TV consumers opting to cut the cords for good, Internet TV becomes the new option for viewing live sports. Just like the NBA or the NFL, you can now enjoy watching golf tournaments live on the Internet on any device. However, most Internet streaming services are only available to U.S. subscribers. People living outside the U.S may only access online streaming services airing golf tournaments through the use of VPN.

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