How to Watch Empire Online


Family drama never stops when it comes to the hit TV show, Empire. New secrets come out every day, sibling rivalry over control of the family business, and constant run ins with the law, are all part of the fabric that makes up the Lyon’s family. With rumors of a possible Season 4 already brewing, we expect nothing short of excitement and suspense in anticipation of the season premiere.

However, you can catch up on older seasons and episodes before the new season begins to air. One of the best ways to keep up with the TV show is by streaming it online. Alternatively, you can still catch new episodes of Empire on your TV set even without a cable TV subscription plan.

HD Antenna

An HD Antenna is an ideal replacement for your cancelled cable TV subscription. HD antennas are quite cheap to buy and a good antenna would go for $8 on the market. Once you have the HD antenna hooked to your TV set, you can watch all the free prime time channels like FOX in HD. The advantage of an HD antenna is that at no point will you require cable TV subscription. Secondly, you will always view new episodes of Empire as they air on FOX.


Empire on The Fox Website

If you do not own a TV set, no worries, there is plenty of Empire action on the official Fox website. The best part is you do not need to sign in or pay for a subscription package to stream older episodes of Empire. Currently, Fox allows new users to stream the first 10 episodes of Season 2 absolutely free. There will be periodic commercial breaks while streaming but this should not worry you.


You can also watch commercial free episodes of Empire on Fox. Ad-free episodes are available on Fox in standard definition for $2 or high definition of $3. Buying an entire season is, however, cheaper than buying single episodes.

PlayStation 4

Empire fans in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco Bay, and Philadelphia can stream new episodes on their PlayStation 4 consoles. You just need an account with PlayStation Vue, the gaming console’s online streaming service for Live TV, sports, and movies.


You do not need cable TV subscription to watch content on PlayStation Vue. However, PlayStation Vue (R) subscription may not be as pocket-friendly, starting at $49.99 a month. Nevertheless, you can sign up for a 30-day free account and stream all the Empire episodes you want for the month. Remember to cancel your subscription before the month ends to avoid being billed for the subsequent months.

Empire on Hulu Plus

A Hulu Plus account provides instant access to new and old episodes of Empire in HD. New episodes are uploaded to Hulu after they air on TV and can be streamed ad-free or with ads.  For a minimum of $8 a month, you can watch Empire on Hulu Plus albeit with ads. Commercial-free streaming is only available on a premium Hulu account going for $12 a month. On the other hand, you may opt for a free trial Hulu Plus account valid for 30 days. A free account will allow you to watch full episodes from season 1 and season 2. Hulu TV is available for Blue-Ray players, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and set-top boxes.

Empire on Amazon Video

Sadly, the normal Amazon Video subscription going for $99 does not include free streaming of Empire. The only option is to purchase and download episodes from Amazon at varied prices. single episodes cost about $2 in standard definition and $3 for high definition.


Alternatively, you can purchase an entire season of Empire, which is cheaper than buying single episodes. Currently, full episodes of Empire season 1 retail for $21 in standard definition and $30 in high definition. Season 2 is available as well, though pricier at $32 in standard definition and $45 in High definition.


Just like Amazon Video, you can also watch single or full seasons of Empire on iTunes (R). The pricing is quite the same, with single episodes going for $2 in standard definition and $3 in high definition. If you are looking to buy an entire season, Season 1 goes for $21 in SD and $30 in HD. Unsurprisingly, Season 2 of Empire is highly priced. Downloading the entire season in standard definition costs $32 while the HD version costs $45. If you are not on iTunes, you can buy episodes of Empire for the same price on Vudu, M-GO or the Microsoft Windows Store.

If you have always wondered where to watch your favorite TV show, the above are possible avenues to explore. You can choose to download a full season at a subsidized rate or conveniently download the episodes you missed. In addition, there are online streaming websites that let you in on a free trial account to stream episodes of Empire for free.

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