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cricket online

Cricket has become one of the most popular sports worldwide although not receiving a tremendous amount of coverage in the United States. It rightly has a massive fan base and following, acting as the official sport of one of the most populated countries in the world with India. With it being immensely popular, it is no surprise that many seek to find ways to watch cricket online across the world.

So what are some of the best resources to watch cricket online? And how much will it cost you to get access to all your favorite matches? We’ll cover some great ways to watch cricket, their prices, and what you can expect as a subscriber.


espncricinfo logo

Acting as the “world-wide leader in sports”, ESPN truly means “world-wide”. Not only do they cover major sports such as baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer, but they also provide coverage of many international sports. Cricket is no exception, with ESPN dedicating coverage to many of the major cricket matches across the world.

Via ESPNcricinfo, (, they are not only dedicated to bringing all of the latest news and scores, but also access to live streaming coverage of many matches. This means that any subscription (of which we will cover below) that includes the ESPN bundle, will also include access to all of the content that ESPNcricinfo offers.


BCCI is the official source and website for all Indian based cricket, giving you access to countless hours of matches, highlights, interviews, and much more. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) acts as the central hub for India’s most prolific sport. Any serious fan of cricket will find BCCI as a vital source of information around the sport, with coverage of past, current, and future matches from around the world.

Luckily, almost all of the content through is free, so you’ll be able to stay up to date with all of the cricket content you can handle.

Willow TV

willow TV

Another amazing source of live cricket streaming content, Willow TV (R.) is a premier sports streaming service completely centered around cricket. Streaming high definition content “24/7”, they act as the official broadcaster for many cricket boards across the globe.

They feature content from:

  • Board of Control for Cricket in India
  • Cricket Australia
  • Cricket South Africa
  • New Zealand Cricket
  • Sri Lanka Cricket Board
  • West Indies Cricket Board
  • Cricket Zimbabwe
  • and many others

They primarily provide streaming access to the United States and Canada, being partnered with providers like Dish Network, Direct TV, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, and many others. You can find a full list of supported networks through their website (R.)


At only $14.99 a month, Willow TV is one of the most comprehensive and affordable options for those looking to stream cricket from across the world. Willow TV can be accessed through a number of different devices, leaving you able to watch from nearly any place with internet access.

How To Watch Willow TV

Willow TV offers mobile apps from the Apple App Store, Windows Store, and Google Play Store, running seamlessly on iOS, Windows Phone, and Android devices. This will include not only any mobile phone supported through those app centers, but also any tablet running similar operating systems.

In addition to mobile devices, Willow TV is also supported by a long list of normal streaming devices as well. With support for:

  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • LG Smart TVs
  • Google TV
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV

If watching from a device isn’t your cup of tea, Willow TV is obviously supported through a normal web browser via PC or Mac as well.

Willow TV is far and away the best option for those of you who are die hard cricket fans, giving you nearly unlimited access to matches from across the world. This should be a serious consideration for anyone who watches cricket on a regular basis, with a fair and reasonable monthly price to access all of their content.

Individual Cricket Board Access

Aside from wide ranging content streaming sites like the ones mentioned above, many specific cricket boards offer access to their matches straight through their website and supported applications. An example would be Cricket Australia (R), who provides many of their matches streaming online for a monthly fee.

You may be able to access the content directly from them without an additional subscription to other services. This depends on your region and which league you are looking to stream matches from.

Cable Channels Streaming Cricket Online

While this will greatly vary depending on your geographic location, many local cable channels will provide coverage of a number of matches throughout the year. While this is not an option for those who may live in outside regions, these channels will usually offer an online streaming broadcast of the matches without the need for traditional cable access.

This is one of the more specific and least accommodating methods to watch cricket, but is definitely an option to consider when looking for broadcasts of certain matches.

Sling TV

Sling TV Logo

With Sling TV offering “A La Carte TV”, letting you pick and choose the content you’d like to watch, this will give you the ability to also access international sports broadcasts as well. There are a couple different subscription packages that will allow you to stream cricket via their list of supported devices, both of which come at an affordable monthly cost.

Sling Orange

Sling Orange is one of their core packages of content, providing 30 of the most popular cable channels in one bundle. More importantly, however, this package contains the ESPN bundle, which as mentioned above, will contain the ESPNcricinfo package. Not only will you get access to the sought after cricket matches, but in addition will receive the entirety of the ESPN bundle, which is a bonus for those who are fans of other sports as well.

The $20/mo Sling Orange plan includes premium cable channels like Comedy Central, the History Channel, TNT, CNN, and many others. So in addition to all of the great sports content, you will also be able to enjoy regular television programming included with the price.

Sling TV is becoming one of the most popular options for cable cutters. It has received almost universal support for a variety of different streaming devices. Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android, iOS, and many others are all supported (in addition to basic PC or Mac web browser support).

World Sports Package

Sling TV offers their “World Sports” package, providing an even more specific source of international sports streaming like cricket. It’s available at $10 per month. The package includes access to the above mentioned Willow TV programming, with a slightly limited selection of matches being played for a relatively cheaper price through Sling. This will also include access to motor sports streaming, “Fight Box”, and other select sports programming.

What we Recommend

Make a choice based on your level of interest. Each of the above-mentioned services is excellent in providing access to cricket matches worldwide, but choosing the right one for your needs may vary.

Maximum Cricket

For those of you who would like as much cricket as possible, paying $14.99 for access to the Willow TV package is most likely your best bet. It will provide all the matches you could possibly handle, and comes in at a fair price. It won’t include any other programming outside of cricket, but it will be the most comprehensive if you are just looking to stream your favorite leagues.

Medium Cricket

If you are looking for a less intensive set of programming, but still are a fan of sports otherwise, paying the $20 a month for normal Sling Orange is a great option. It includes the ESPN bundle, as well as access to all the above-mentioned programming outside of the sports world. If you are already a subscriber of Sling TV and are looking for additional content, adding in the “World Sports” package to your subscription may be another great choice for you.

Local Cricket

If you just want to watch your local team play, accessing their streaming matches through a limited subscription to their specific board may be the best option for you. In addition to this, as a local viewer, you may get access to online streaming of basic local channels as well, which will act as a supplementary option to the purified subscription.

When deciding the best option:

  • Weigh all of the different programming options
  • Consider how their channels can be streamed
  • Take into account what their monthly cost will be

Luckily many subscription services will come with a free trial, so you’ll be able to test out whether or not you are getting the most out of the provided content. With all of the different methods and options when it comes to online streaming subscriptions, all it will take is a little bit of research and combination of services to never miss a moment of the action.

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