How to Watch American Pickers Online


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This old adage is one that many people have heard before, and it is a thought that leads many people to go out every year to garage and rummage sales in hopes of finding rare items that may intrigue them.

This thought process is one that is the premise behind the popular History Channel show American Pickers. It is a show that displays just what kinds of things that one may be able to find hidden away, long forgotten by their owners but that may still be worth tons of money.


For this reason, people are glued to their screens for American Pickers as they eagerly await to see the treasure and antiques that may be unearthed. If you want to see for yourself just what this program is all about, these are the ways in which you can watch American Pickers online.

What is American Pickers?


In American Pickers, collectors Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz search for rare and valuable items that are up for sale across the United States. These items are purchased either for various clients or for their own collection, and the items vary in value and rarity. In some cases, Wolfe and Fritz manage to uncover items that are so rare that there very few of said item are said to exist.

The show is currently in its 18th season on the History Channel. The show airs frequently on the network in re-runs, with new episodes airing Sunday nights at 8 PM EST.

How To Stream American Pickers


Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the many streaming services available that emulates the familiar setup of cable television with channel packages and pricing options starting at $20/month. Of the many channel packages available with Sling TV, nearly all include the History Channel.

This means that you will be able to watch American Pickers as it airs. If you want to watch later (and don’t mind spending an extra $5/month), you can add DVR capabilities to your Sling TV account, allowing you to watch American Pickers in your own time.

Try it for yourself. Sling TV has a FREE TRIAL that lasts one week.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is much like the DirecTV satellite service, in that you can view live channels as you would on cable, including the History Channel. Unlike satellite, however, you stream shows online with DirecTV Now and at a fraction of the cost. The most affordable “Live A Little” package is $35/month and includes the History Channel.

DirecTV Now offers a trial, FREE OF CHARGE. Try it out.

Hulu With Live TV

Hulu With Live TV is a great new streaming service. They offer over 50 channels for $39.99/month. You can stream on 2 screens at a time and record 50 hours of content on their cloud DVR. On top of that you get access to the full Hulu on-demand library.


Chances are that if you are new to American Pickers, you will want to watch a lot of the past episodes. For this, there is no better option than Hulu.

As with several other television series and films, Hulu has American Pickers available to stream on-demand, allowing you to easily get up-to-speed on the series. If you have yet to try Hulu, you can sign up right now and get a free one-month trial of the service, which is more than enough time to catch up on American Pickers!


These are the ways that we know in which you can watch American Pickers online. If there is one thing that we here have learned from this show its that you never really know what kind of treasure that you may have under your nose. Maybe this show will inspire you to take another look at your own collection of junk, because you just may be sitting on thousands of dollars!

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