How To Watch American Gods Online


Ancient mythology has always been an interesting topic for various entertainment mediums. Plenty of shows and movies have centered around Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology (R), but few of them bring ancient mythology into the modern age. You can stream these gods online!

American Gods, a show based on the original book by Neil Gaiman (Published in 2001), follows the conflict between the Old Gods and the New Gods, both of whom depend on people’s belief in them to exist. The show centers on Shadow Moon (R), a man recently been released from prison – who then meets a mysterious stranger named Mr. Wednesday, who drags him into the ongoing conflict between these powerful entities.

The show is dark and serious but also manages to be endlessly entertaining – if its legions of fans are anything to go by, that is. While the show does take a few creative liberties in regards to its source material, it’s still excellent in its own right.

Having recently been renewed for a second season now is the perfect time to get into American Gods if you haven’t already. And to that end, I’ll be providing you with the best places to watch the show online – legally, and cheaply.


On Demand & Live TV Streaming Services For American Gods

As far as on-demand and live TV streaming options go, American Gods is very limited. None of the major on-demand services (such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Instant Video) offer American Gods streaming options, which will leave you with the live TV streaming services like PS Vue or Sling TV. Regardless, here they are:

  • Starz: Starz offers their own streaming service for $8.99 month, with a 7-day free trial to start with. This makes it the best (and cheapest) option for watching American Gods right now, as the show is part of the Starz network. If you don’t care for monthly fees, Starz also offers an annual subscription for $90. Naturally, when signing up for this service, you’ll be getting far more than just American Gods.
  • Sling TV: Sling TV offers the Starz network as a $9/month add-on, but you must purchase a baseline Sling TV monthly subscription to go with it – the cheapest of which is the $25/month Sling Blue option. For an extra $5/month, you can also add Cloud DVR functionality.
  • PlayStation Vue: PlayStation Vue does not offer the Starz network as an add-on, or a baseline channel at the moment.
  • DirecTV Now: For an additional $8/month, DirecTV Now will give you access to the Starz channel, in addition to one of their baseline subscriptions – the cheapest of which is their “live a little” $35/month package.


A la Carte Services

Unfortunately, there are no A la Carte methods of watching American Gods at the moment. The show is still relatively new, however, so options like Amazon Video or iTunes may start popping up around the time the second season airs.

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