How to Live Stream The 2018 Puppy Bowl Online


This weekend is one of the biggest events in sports as some of the greatest athletes face off against each other in an attempt to prove who is the best. It is the sporting event that nearly all of America will be glued to their television to watch as action and excitement unfold.

That’s right, it’s time once again for the yearly Puppy Bowl!


The Puppy Bowl has been one of the viewing alternatives to the Super Bowl for non-sports fans for years, and this year fans of the show can watch it online even if you are at a friends Super Bowl party.

So grab yourself some wings, your favorite streaming device, and your furry pal, and get ready to enjoy the Puppy Bowl!

What is the Puppy Bowl?

The Puppy Bowl is a sort of parody of the Super Bowl that airs at the same time as the big game. In the Puppy Bowl, a bunch of puppies from various shelters are placed inside a playpen that looks similar to a football arena and proceed to play with each other, much to the enjoyment and “aww!”s of the audience.

Disaster Survivors

This year there a few extra special pups who survived disasters to make it to the big show. Specifically, there will be several dogs from Houston and Puerto Rico. Over the course of 2017 the hurricane season was unusually brutal. Among the barrage of hurricanes and tropical storms to hit the United States were Maria and Harvey. These two storms causes extraordinary damage to Houston, Texas and Puerto Rico that is still effecting those areas.

Luckily, many pups were rescued. Furthermore, a hand-full of the survivors from Houston and Puerto Rico will be featured in the 2018 Animal Planet Puppy Bowl. Like little Tyler from Houston. Little Tyler is a Chihuahua-Shih Tzu who was being fostered by Kathy Wetmore with the Shaggy Dog Rescue. Tyler has found a new, loving home thanks to Greg Mahle with Rescue Road Trips.


From Puerto Rico, Caleb Jr and Archer will be taking the field. These little guys were rescued in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and they are representing the Sato Project which is a nonprofit organization that find’s homes for stray dogs in Puerto Rico. Because of the Sato Project Caleb Jr and Archer have found homes in New York.


The Puppy Bowl has been a yearly staple since 2005 that serves as an alternative to the Super Bowl for both animal lovers and non-sports fans alike.

The Puppy Bowl (also titled Puppy Bowl XIV) will air February 4 at 3 PM ET on the Animal Planet.

How to Watch the Puppy Bowl Online


The Puppy Bowl is going to be broadcast on Animal Planet. Here are all of the ways to stream Animal Planet.

DirecTV Now

The first of two live TV streaming services to provide Animal Planet content, and subsequently the Puppy Bowl, is DirecTV Now. There are four tiers of service available through DirecTV Now and luckily Animal Planet is available in the most affordable tier. The “Live A Little” package is $35/month and you get over 60 channels.

DirecTV Now offers a FREE TRIAL if you want to give it a hands-on test.

Playstation Vue

While Playstation Vue may not be readily available on all streaming devices, it is one of the better streaming services available for live television and one that includes Animal Planet as part of its $40 “Access” package.

If you own a Playstation console, then you can easily sign-up for Vue by downloading and starting the app from the Playstation Store. Sony is even generous enough to throw in a 5-day free trial, which is enough time to watch the Puppy Bowl and still be able to cancel if you aren’t satisfied with the service.


While not as widely available online as the Super Bowl will be, the Puppy Bowl will still be fairly easy to stream online no matter where you may be on February 4th.

If cute animals playing appeal to you more than sweaty dudes destroying each other, then the Puppy Bowl is for you. Be sure to tune in using any of the above methods so you don’t miss a moment of the adorable action!

The Puppy Bowl (also titled Puppy Bowl XIV) will air February 4 at 3 PM ET on the Animal Planet.


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