Get A Free Amazon Fire TV When You Sign Up For 2 Months of DirecTV Now


If you’ve yet to jump on the cord cutting bandwagon, well you’ve waited long enough! Direct TV Now is offering an amazing deal on their service and to help entice you on board they’ve really sweetened the pot!

If you prepay 2 months of DirecTV Now (at $35 per month), you get an Amazon Fire TV for free. This amazing device is great for Netflix, Hulu, DirecTV Now, and of course Amazon Prime Video if you’re a Prime member, but when you add in all of the features available with DirecTV Now – well you’re onto a real winner!

If you think about it, that’s like getting the Fire TV for free! The best part is that the Amazon Fire TV is a lot more powerful when compared to its baby cousin, the Fire Stick. Moreover, while DirecTV currently does not support 4K TV, the Amazon Fire TV does.

DirecTV Now offers access to:

  • Over 120 channels of live TV. This includes sports, news and the most talked about shows on TV.
  • Over 25,000 on demand titles – ready and waiting for you.
  • Access to premium content like HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime from an extra $5 per month.

Start of with the basic package at $35 per month and get over 60 live channels.

In addition to the Fire TV though, DirecTV Now also offers you the ability to access the channels on virtually any device. You can use your laptop, your smartphone or your tablet. This means you can watch TV even when you’re not at home!

To access the promotion:

  • Sign up for DirecTV Now and skip the free trial.
  • Pre-pay for two months of service and make your claim for your Amazon Fire TV.

If you’re not happy after the two months, simply cancel DirecTV Now and keep the Fire TV. You really can’t lose!

The offer ends on 2-20-2018 so take advantage NOW.


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