fuboTV Introduces 500 Hour DVR

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One of the biggest drawbacks and obstacles facing cord cutting has been the lack of recording ability. However, as this relatively new method of television consumption continues to grow it continues to respond to market needs. More and more services have begun to offer DVR services. The latest is fuboTV who has started to roll out a 500-hour advanced DVR service. They previously offered only 30 hours.

Previously, cord cutters had to purchase products like TabloTV to record their favorite content. This is still definitely an option for many as most services do not offer a lot of space but for many having several devices is cumbersome and expensive. Saving money is the number one reason people decide to ditch cable. fuboTV’s new DVR service solves many of these issues.


This new service gives you plenty of storage and best of all, you don’t need a device. Their 500-hour DVR service is cloud based so you can record straight from your desktop or other devices. fuboTV caters to sports fans thus having the ability to record sporting events is important to many.

The Advanced DVR service will cost an additional $9.99/month. Their package costs $34.99, however, you can currently sign up for $19.99 if you prepay for two months. Those choosing not to sign up for the 500-hour DVR add-on will still get 30 hours of DVR storage included with their base package.

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