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It is no secret that people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with traditional cable service. Over the past few years, people have been ditching their cable service in favor of better broadband internet services. The advent of services like Netflix and Hulu, alongside the more recent development of live streaming services in the last couple of years, have given people options for TV that don’t involve expensive cable or satellite subscriptions.

One of the youngest of this new breed of television and one that just got a huge makeover is fuboTV, now fuboTV Premier. Here is a quick rundown of the details:

What is fuboTV?

fuboTV Premier is a live streaming service with a heavy emphasis on sports, but it includes news and entertainment options. It also offers a DVR feature so that you can record any game or program and watch it on demand.

The service debuted in 2015 purely as a soccer live stream service for all the soccer fans in the U.S. who felt neglected by cable. It had 12 soccer channels from around the world, streamed at 1080p HD (meaning no blurs or pixelation) and it was compatible with Android, iOS, Roku and Amazon Fire.

Now, though, it has expanded to become its own, all-encompassing live streaming service with a variety of sports, news, and entertainment channels.


What Channels are on Fubo TV?

fuboTV Premier now offers over 48 channels. Among these channels are Fox News, MSNBC, The Weather Channel, Syfy, A&E, Nat Geo Wild, USA, One World Sports, Football Report TV (as in soccer), just to name very few.
fuboTV channels
Additionally, if you are interested in other channels that are not included in the main package, there are add-on channels for additional fees. For instance, you can purchase a “News Plus” add-on or a “Kids Plus” add-on.
fuboTV news
When cconsidering the channel choices, it should be remembered that fuboTV is created by soccer fans largely for soccer fans, so most the channels are soccer and sports focused.

How can I watch Fubo TV Channels

fuboTV devices
While in its original form, fuboTV was only supported by four devices. Now fuboTV Premier is supported by a wide variety of devices, including:
• iOS
• Android
• Android TV
• Apple TV (gen 4+) boxes
• Fire TV
• Chromecast
• Roku
• And any web browser

An important thing to consider is that you cannot use any gaming console to stream fuboTV. If you’re ok with that, you have a service that you can essentially watch from any device, anywhere at any time. Additionally, you can currently stream with up to two separate devices at the same time.

How is the Picture Quality?

fuboTV Premier has surprisingly excellent quality, especially for being a “new kid on the block.”

Whether you are trying to live stream a game or watch something on demand, the loading wait time is minimal. The quality of the feed is excellent, the 1080p HD is free of gritty pixelation or blurriness. Picture quality goes hand-in-hand with the quality of your internet connection though, so make sure you have fast internet.

How Much is it?

Currently, the start-up cost is $34.99 per month. However, after Premier has gotten underway, they do intend to raise the price to $49.99/mo, a somewhat surprisingly high price considering its age and more limited scope.

The add-ons previously mentioned are offered for an additional cost per month. The prices of the add-on channels/packages range anywhere from $2.99 to $14.00.


Ultimately, there are not too many limitations to the service. The only two real limitations are that the service is only available in the United States and, as mentioned above, it is not compatible with game consoles.

Is fuboTV Right for You?

Considering its origins, it should come as no surprise to hear it reiterated that the majority of the programming is not only sports focused but soccer focused specifically. As mentioned above, the service really was created both by and for soccer fans.
fuboTV 1
Thus, for the United States soccer fans who have been constantly neglected long-term by cable companies, fuboTV Premier is a dream come true. It allows them to escape the irrelevant, binding and limiting relationship with cable, gives them everything they could possibly want to satisfy their soccer devotion, while still providing another important programming such as news and entertainment.

Basically, for the die-hard soccer fan, fuboTV Premier is actually a pretty complete replacement to cable.

For the general sports fanatic, this service is a good option as well. While it is certainly soccer heavy, the available channels provide live streaming of MLB, NBA, and NHL games, among other sports, both national and international.

Who it’s Definitely NOT for…

It may be rather obvious at this point, but fuboTV Premier does have a fairly specific audience in mind. So much is the emphasis on soccer that if you absolutely hate soccer, even if you like other sports, this service is probably not for you.

If you are a huge hockey fan, but you really only care about just that one sport, then fuboTV wouldn’t really make sense for you, either.

If you do not like sports at all, then this service is most certainly not for you. While it does have a decent variety of news and entertainment channels, it is not enough to make it worth it for someone who is not a sports enthusiast.


Now that we have had that overview, let’s hone in on the pros and cons of this new service:

• No long-term contract
• Cancel anytime with no penalties
• Fantastic programming options for soccer and sports fans
• DVR/On Demand capabilities
• Compatible with eight devices
• Add-on options for additional program
• Quality viewing experience

• Cost is probably the biggest con for this service
• Not compatible with game consoles

So, all the soccer fanatics and sports fans definitely have something to get excited about. fuboTV Premier is the first all-inclusive service that provided an emphasis on soccer. And with the ultimately well-rounded nature of the programming, any sports enthusiast should be excited to try it out.

For a limited time, fuboTV Premier is offering a free 7-day trial to try them out. Now is a good time to test it out to see if it is a good fit for you.

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