Football’s Best Players Brace for The 2018 NFL Pro Bowl


When: January 28th, 2:50 pm EST

Where: Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida

Channel: ABC

Available Streams: DirecTV Now | Hulu With Live TV | PlayStation Vue | YouTube TV

The NFL’s top players will meet for the 2018 Pro Bowl to determine which conference reigns supreme this year. The rosters are just as star-studded as they’ve been in recent years, with a good amount of players making repeat appearances.

The game takes place on Jan. 28 at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. The game will be broadcast on ABC. Kickoff is set for 2:50 pm EST.

The Offence

The quarterback lineup includes familiar names like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Phillip Rivers. Carson Wentz was putting up never before seen numbers before injuring his ACL. He will also get a spot on the roster.


The Saints suffered an embarrassing loss to the Vikings during the Divisional Round of the playoffs, bringing their dreams of a Super Bowl appearance to a crashing end. They did manage to send two running backs to the Pro Bowl though. Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara were both added to the NFC roster.

Houston Texan wide-receiver DeAndre Hopkins managed to lead the league in receiving yards despite the Texans losing their starting quarterback midway through the season.

The Defense

The defensive roster is just as star-studded as the offensive lineup is. Quarterback nightmare Gerald McCoy and Aaron Donald both made the defensive line roster. Linebackers Jadeveon Clowney and Luke Kuechly will give them support at the linebacker positions, while Xavier Rhodes and Jalen Ramsey are two notables defensive backs that will be in the backfield on Sunday.

The Coaches


The AFC will be coached by Pittsburg Steeler head coach Mike Tomlin. Tomlin has been in charge of the Steelers for over a decade, winning a Super Bowl and two conference championships. Tomlin made some questionable calls during the Steelers’ tough loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars during the divisional round, and it’s safe to say all eyes will be on him during the Pro Bowl.

The NFC will be headed by New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, whose last-minute play calling arguably brought the Saints’ post-season run to an abrupt end. Like Tomlin, Payton has taken his team to a Super Bowl victory once.

“The Pro Bowl is the one days all the best players come together and play a game. There are a lot of big plays involved, so it is a very exciting game to watch”second-year player Bradley Brown explained. “Every year, the best football players in the world go head to head, and it never disappoints. Expect this year to be no different.”

How To Watch The Pro Bowl Live Online

The Pro Bowl is on ABC. Here are the streaming services that offer ABC network.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now, has ABC is included in the base “Live A Little” package, which is $35/month and includes over 60 channels.

In a few short steps, you will be all set to stream DirecTV Now and watch the Pro Bowl on most of your connected devices after simply downloading DirecTV Now from your device’s app store.

They offer a 7-day FREE TRIAL if you’re curious about what they have to offer. Give it a try.

Hulu With Live TV

Hulu With Live TV, provided by well-known on-demand streaming service Hulu, is still technically in a “beta” phase. This service has ABC as well as CBS, FOX, and NBC. If you like sports, there are 5 ESPN channels, 2 FOX Sports channels and NBCSN.

Hulu Live is $39.99/month and includes over 50 channels plus the entire Hulu on-demand library.

You can sign up for the service free for 7 days, with enough time to catch the Pro Bowl as it airs live!

PlayStation Vue

You will have to do some research before sign-up since PlayStation Vue isn’t available in all places. If you meet the requirements, however, Playstation Vue is a good live TV streaming service, and also one of the few that allows you to easily watch the Pro Bowl in between matches of Madden. 

ABC is included in the Access package which is $39.99/month.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is gaining traction as a live streaming service. Their service ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX for $35/month plus over 50 more channels and limitless Cloud DVR. They offer a free trial. Try it out.


Remember, Over-The-Air Antennas give you access to network stations. This means ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX among others. Some devices, like the AirTV, allow you to connect your antenna directly to your streaming device so you can easily transition between devices. The best part is, you only pay once and you get a clear picture.

Remember, the Pro Bowl is January 28th. It will be broadcast on ABC and kickoff is set for 2:50 pm EST.

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