Disney’s New Streaming Service Coming In November


*** Updated 9/15/2019 – Please read our newest write-up on Disney Plus Here ***

Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, announced the future release of a new Disney streaming service to be launched in late 2019. During an earnings call in September 2017 Iger said that the new service will be “substantially cheaper” than Netflix. The price will initially be substantially lower than competitors like Netflix because of:

  • The lower volume of content
  • The desire to attract new subscribers immediately upon launch

Over time the cost of the service will increase to reflect the amount of available content.

The service will launch with “around 500 films from the Disney library… in addition to around 7,000 episodes of Disney TV”(R) shows.  When you compare this to the 4,335 movies and 1,197 TV series that are available on Netflix, the lower price makes sense.

Disney: A New Streaming Competitor

The app can still be competitive even if it’s new and even if it has less content. Keep in mind that, although the new service will start with fewer movies and shows, the content will be very high quality and very in-demand. The new service will feature:

  • Disney Films and TV Shows
  • Star Wars Movies
  • An original, live action Star Wars TV series
  • Marvel Movies and Original Series
  • Pixar movies

This means that Disney will be ending their distribution deal with Netflix and pulling its Marvel and Star Wars content from Netflix before the launch of the streaming app, taking valuable content away from Netflix. Once Disney goes forward with the streaming app it will be the place you go for the most popular movies of all time. Star Wars and Marvel movies routinely draw in huge box office numbers. Loyal fans will get the app.

Original Content

In addition to existing Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar content, there will be up to five original movies per-year and four series exclusive to the app. The original content will include a series based the Pixar Monsters franchise, a High School Musical series and a new Marvel series.

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